EXCLUSIVE: Interview with J-rock aristocrat Prince Kamijo


The Visual Kei scene was a huge stepping stone for Japan and its music progression, incorporating gothic, aristocratic, candy and other wacky and insane costuming designs to make themselves different from all the other singers in Japan. One group that always stuck out was Versailles – Philharmonic Quintet. The band consisted of some extremely talented musicians and a lead singer who would change aristocratic fashion and music around the world.

Kamijo is one of those vocalists you may never forget once you hear what power his vocals have. He has presence on stage and a real knack for knowing what his fans want. Known for being Malice Mizer’s roadie, and for creating the band LAREINE, Kamjio has been in the music spotlight since 1994. Today he is known throughout the J-rock world as the Aristocratic Vampire Prince, and is currently embarking on his own solo journey with his one time only concert in Paris on July 4th, hosted by B7Klan. Taking a little time out of his already busy schedule, Kamijo sat down and answered some of the questions that you, the fans, sent in to us via Facebook and Twitter.

In your past you was part of both LAREINE and Versailles. Between the two which one represented you better as a performer?

LAREINE and Versailles were all what represented me before. But now the both of them are parts of me, KAMIJO.

Your first solo album “Louis ~Enketsu no La Vie en Rose~” became a sensation within Europe as you progressed further with the aristocratic musical theme. Is this a style you feel a connection to?

“Louis ~Enketsu no La Vie en Rose~” is what my basis is.

Big names such as One Ok Rock, Mucc, Miyavi, and Gackt have toured Europe to promote the J-rock genre. What does it feel like to know that in your music there is no language barrier? What do you feel you contribute to the J-rock industry?

Kamijo: Maybe there is no language barrier but I wish to speak as well as I can with the local language. I would like to contribute to the J-rock industry as one of these Japanese artist.

Fashion plays a huge roll on creating a character or a persona on stage. The aristocratic theme has been used by the likes of Malice Mizer, but what was it that drew you to this fashion movement?

Kamijo: Its luxuriousness and its beauty.

Is there anyone who you see/saw as an inspiration for going into the music industry? Was there ever a musician you wanted to be like, or who inspired you?

Kamijo: Paul Mauriat, the French music director.


Your presence on stage is that of pure sophistication with a hint of mystery and chic-ness, but what is the real Kamijo behind the performer? How would you describe your personality?

Kamijo: Out of the stage, I am a composer who likes to tour lots of restaurants. On the stage I am a vocalist.

Around the world people have taken inspiration from your music and your fashion and created amazing cosplays and fan art of you. Has there been any that you can remember or know of?

Kamijo: There are too much that I can’t choose one. Maybe I need to make a fan art contest someday!

Your music both in the past and future always has a classical element. Do you have a personal favourite song of your own creations?

Kamijo: My favorite songs are “EL BIMBO” and “Une Histoire d’Amour” of Paul Mauriat

A question sent in multiple times from your fans was whether or not you keep in contact with your past group members? And would you collaborate with any of them in the future or hold a special project or concert?

Kamijo: They help me with my solo activities. So maybe I will ask them to be on the stage someday.

Whilst in Paris, have you visited any landmarks? If you could travel to see any other landmarks around the world, where would you like to go?

Kamijo: Every time I come to Paris I never have the time to visit anywhere. I do like to go to Saint-Denis for relaxation.

A huge thank you to B7Klan for arranging this and to Kamijo for taking the time to share some of his thoughts with his fans from around Europe. We hope that his one and only Paris solo concert goes extremely well, and that he has future success with his solo career.

For more information about Kamijo’s upcoming concert in Paris on July 4th, please click here for details. In the meantime be sure to support Kamijo and check out his latest solo release “Moulin Rouge” below.

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