A Burger to Save Mankind – Comic Book Restaurant to Open in Cheshire

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What happens when you bring together an eclectic group of chefs, designers, musicians and anime and comic enthusiasts? The answer is Tomfoolery at 34

Created by Drawn Fortress, Tomfoolery at 34 is a comic adventure that sees the life of an ordinary young man turned upside down after he discovers a mysterious, old arcade machine in a disused building. Upon attempting to play the game, our young hero, Walter, finds himself hurled into a strange land where he encounters the bizarre, top-hat-sporting Teewizz, who cryptically informs him that the fate of the world is in his hands. Walter and Teewizz then journey back in time through retro movies, exploring popular culture from the 70s, 80s and 90s on their quest to discover a special burger and create a restaurant that will restore balance and harmony to the universe.

The story doesn’t stop there, however, but will continue into the real world with the opening of an actual burger joint in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, in September, inspired by the comic and its pop culture influences. This promises to be a truly unique experience, and one that we at MCM Buzz are very excited about! For those already planning a visit, the address of the as-yet unopened restaurant will be:

34 London Road,
Alderley Edge,

To whet your appetite, the first issue of the comic is currently available to read online. If you’re hungry for more, you can stay updated with Walter’s journey by keeping an eye on the Tomfoolery at 34 website, or by following the creators on Twitter and Facebook.

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