WWE Ladies And Gentlemen, My Name Is Paul Heyman Blu-ray Review

HeymanPaul Heyman. A name that means many different things to many different people. To classic wrestling fans, he’s a manager from WCW. To others, he’s a commentator or the father of ECW. Modern audiences will know him best for being the advocate for Brock Lesnar and CM Punk amongst others. There’s no doubt that Heyman’s a guy that has had his fingers in many pies over the last nearly three decades – and I was very surprised to realise just how young he was when he first broke into the industry. The success that came for Heyman in his early-mid 20s as a manager and promoter was nothing short of outstanding and a credit to his passion for the business, and if there’s anything this Blu-ray does it’s to make perfectly clear that this is a guy that does what he does because he loves it. With all the tales that have flown around over the years, it’s nice to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth and get a more well-rounded view of where Heyman started and how far he’s come.

The teasers for this release suggested controversy and something shocking, but in truth this isn’t close to a ‘shoot’ interview you might get from a recently released wrestler, for example. Instead this is a slick, well-polished production that presents the journey of Paul Heyman from his own perspective, with insight from numerous important people along the way, and showing how he’s changed as a person. It sits somewhere between shoot and whitewash – as you can imagine with it being a WWE production, you’re not getting crap thrown all over the place at people, but it’s not a case of sweeping everything under the carpet either. It’s informative, surprising and honest, with a rawness to it that addresses mistakes along the way as much as you expect. For example, Jerry Lawler and Stephanie McMahon both contribute, and it’s nice to see Lawler’s honesty versus his on-screen character, and Stephanie’s someone that has worked closely with Paul and had to deal with their business struggles. She in particular still seems very cautious about the man himself, however she is both professional and willing to accept that there’s ‘genius’ in there somewhere.

The clear picture from Ladies And Gentlemen, My Name Is Paul Heyman is that level headed behaviour has prevailed and that many are too old for grudges. There’s a sense of water being under the bridge, and perhaps things being forgiven if not forgotten. Tommy Dreamer for example has more to be annoyed about with Heyman than many, having put his heart and soul into ECW and struggled through the lies and bad times that Paul put him through towards the end. Yet what shines through in Dreamer’s VTs is his passion for the business and his fondness for his time in ECW, and that will always be his legacy rather than the difficulties towards the end. It’s the same with guys like Raven who worked in WCW, WWF and ECW and had many dealings with the main man, but clearly respects the talented mind behind the lies that may have come out of his mouth. If anything, the documentary takes Heyman full circle – from the initial passion for what he did, through all the trials and tribulations, right through to the present day where he’s simply back to doing what he loves. Whether that’s social media, websites or on screen appearances, he’s now a doting father who has shifted focus in his life, and that’s the lasting message.


It’s hard NOT to be a Paul Heyman Guy after watching this, much in the way many like CM Punk, Mick Foley, Lesnar and others, because it’s a phenomenal tale to witness. Yes, there could be more contributions from ECW wrestlers or Steve Austin or any other number of guys, but a lot of those tales have been told on other releases. Here the focus is on guys like Jim Ross, Gabe Sapolsky from ROH and ECW, Bill Apter from PWI and Mitchell Stuart, Heyman’s current business partner. These are guys that know him so well and have valuable insight into the man he was and the man he has become. As many have witnessed, Heyman is a creative genius and a passionate man, and that can never be questioned, but learning to channel that talent correctly and make the right decisions is a lesson that has taken him a long time to complete. But here in 2014, Heyman looks to have finally got where he needs to be.

By listening to the comments from people like Bray Wyatt (a Heyman3surprising inclusion), Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Edge and more, it’s clear that many see Heyman as a guy that wants to create new stars. It happened during ECW, it happened when he was in charge of Smackdown and OVW, and to this day he’s seen as a guy that can get people ‘over.’ There’s a mind there that’s too good to waste and despite whatever differences he has with Vince McMahon or whoever else, the business comes first in the end. You see Paul hanging out backstage talking to people like Batista and Paige, always networking and always giving advice. There’s a clear place for Heyman in the business which he’s arguably had all along, as an inspiration and a guide for those around him, and guys like Punk and Lesnar have benefited greatly from his insight. Who will the next true Heyman guy be? Sometimes that’s behind the scenes, happening in the shadows and in quiet moments. His influence isn’t always that brash loud character on screen.

Overall Ladies And Gentlemen is certainly one of the best documentary releases that WWE have ever put together. From the outside input of those not involved in the company to ex-wrestlers and current wrestlers, all bases are covered. There’s WCW, ECW, WWF, WWE, WWECW, and more. It’s all there with interesting tidbits that have never been revealed before, and an inspiring journey for anyone who loves professional wrestling. Whether you love him or hate him, you’ll end up coming out respecting Paul Heyman for not only following a dream but achieving great things too. No one can ever take Paul E Dangerously away, or the enthusiasm of the ECW fanbase, or even Heyman being the manager of the ‘1 in 21-1.’ There are very few non-wrestlers in the industry you could cover in so much depth and be left wanting more, but Paul Heyman is one of them. This is certainly a must-see for everyone.

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Ladies And Gentlemen, My Name Is Paul Heyman is available 4th August on DVD and Blu-ray.

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