Attack on Titan Season 2 confirmed to be in pre-production


Attack on Titan fans across the globe may be familiar with the frustration and disappointment experienced earlier this summer as an internet prank circulated across social media, claiming that Attack on Titan Season 2 was set and confirmed to be released in late July 2015. However, following the downfall of these rumours, a recent panel at Animagic in Bonn, Germany with the hit anime’s producer, George Wada, revealed new and legitimate information regarding the long awaited Season 2.

This included the confirmation that the second season is currently in pre-production. Any other information related to the plot and production of Season 2 could not be disclosed. It may be a long shot from an actual release date, but at least the sequel is confirmed, it’s there, we can relax.

Aside from that, Wada answered various questions and discussed some interesting processes included within the production of the anime; from his every-two-weeks meetings with mangaka Hajime Isayama to the amusing reveal that the German setting and opening song lyrics were chosen simply because Isayama and director Tetsuro Araki think that “Germany is cool”.

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