Fish Plays Pokémon

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First, there was Twitch Plays Pokémon. Now there is Fish Plays Pokémon!

Amassing just under 50,000 views, a little fish named Grayson Hopper, is on a journey to complete Pokémon Red. Using motion tracking, Grayson has chosen the preset name of Ash and a Charmander named “AAAABBK” for his starter Pokémon. He has also beaten his rival’s Squirtle. This has all been done in (wait for it…) 132 hours!

If  you would like to watch Grayson in action head on over to FishPlaysPokémon and watch him go! Take note that Grayson tends to sleep a lot and just floats there, so he’s not dead, just asleep.

Source: Twitch.TV



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