Orange Caramel go anime for comeback “Try Doing it Like Me”


Known for their quirky fun concepts and easy to follow dances, Orange Caramel have announced their comeback with “Try Doing It Like Me” for release on August 18th.

As part of a sub-unit from the K-pop girl group After School, members Lizzy, Nana and Raina debuted as Orange Caramel back in 2010 with the release of  “Magic Girl“. Even though they were a new group their first mini album peaked at #2 on Korean charts, backing up the hype that the girls were a big hit. Later that year the girls released a nursery rhyme inspired video and single “A~ing!“; everyone was so besotted by the cute outfits and the dance that it was used in most TV shows across South Korea.

In 2011 Orange Caramel released “Bangkok City” which featured label mate Ren from the boy group Nu’est as the male lead in the music video. This wasn’t the only time a Nu’est member made themselves known in an Orange Caramel video. Their second release in 2011 “Shanghai Romance” featured Minhyun as their leading male who the girls fight for the attention of. After gaining enough success in Korea the girls went to debut in Japan in 2012 and concentrated on promotions overseas, but returned to Korea to release “Lipstick” along with their first full album of the same name. During 2013 it was back to Japan to promote even more, and to follow up on solo activities such as acting, and appearing on variety shows.


As 2014 began there were rumours that Orange Caramel would be back with yet more quirky videos and catchy songs, and in March they hit the charts with “Catallena“. There was some small controversy over the theme of the video in which the girls are portrayed as pieces of sushi that are packaged and sold, but their entertainment company ensured that the video was meant to be fun and had no meaning to it.

We now come to the present day where photo stills of Orange Caramel from their shooting reveal that the members are wearing fun-print dresses and accessories whilst adorning anime-esque eyes. Their representative has assured fans that the girls will be back with another great hit and it will be just as visually mind boggling as their previous songs.

Be sure to check out the latest song “Abing Abing” that was used as a promotional video for Baskin Robbins new line of ice cream and patbingsu (Korean shaved ice) to get everyone ready for the summer heat.


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