Bangtan Boys Are Like “Boys In Luv” In Berlin “RWEL8” Showcase


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With the sun belting down on the ever growing queue of Bangtan fans (also known as A.R.M.Y’s) that snaked around the Neue Welt Venue, the atmosphere was already roaring with excitement as fans were adorned in Bangtan slogans, T-shirts with members names, and banners to show their support. What I noticed as I looked down the line was a wide array of male and female, young and old people all enjoying their waiting time, chatting about the latest K-pop music video or about their favourite moments during the newly released “Bangtan Bomb“. There was no age gap or language barrier, everyone was there for one reason, to see the Bangtan Boys perform.

When the gates were opened there was the usual rush of people running to get that prime spot right at the front of the stage where a metal barrier was dividing the fans from the performers. As the hall began to fill, chants of “BTS, BTS, BANGTAN BOYS, BANGTAN BOYS” became louder and louder with cheers erupting every now and then when a background song changed. As the lights dimmed and an opening video played on the back wall of the stage the air was surrounded by deafening screams and fans calling out the names of each member as they appeared in the video. With one large flash of light the boys entered the stage ready to perform their first ever European showcase in Berlin.

The first song they performed was their debut hit song “No More Dream“. Seeing them on a computer screen or on TV doesn’t really offer the same level of excitement as when you see it all live. The feeling of both the song and performance is totally different, and they proved with their first routine that they were there to dominate that stage. When “We Are Bulletproof PT.2” was performed fans within the crowd began singing along showing their everlasting dedication to the well rehearsed and fast rapping skills of  BTS. The members all seemed fully engrossed in their performance and seemed to be giving it their all from the very beginning. Their song “N.O” is one about rebelling and features some very powerful movements that were heightened even more on stage. The lights surrounding the stage area accommodated the theme and flashed in unison to the music creating a whole new feeling and sensation for the song.


Image Credit: Kpopnonstop

Things turned to a more comedic side as the members finally got to introduce themselves to the large collection of fans who stood at their feet. Looking at the members from the crowd all you could see were proud smiles and happiness emanating from each of the boys whose nerves seemed to have faded away. With fan interaction being one of the key points about this showcase, Rapmon, V, J-hope, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin and Suga made sure to address and look out over every person in the crowd. It seemed like they were scanning faces, as if they didn’t want to forget this moment. It was time for an outfit change, so the boys ran off stage and left a video running as they prepared themselves for the next part of the show. The video consisted of Rapmon going around to each of the members in different areas of their entertainment company showing you how hard they were all working to make sure the Berlin showcase was a once in a lifetime experience. With comedic dancing from Suga and J-hope, to the amazing German language learning skills from V, it was a great way to give the boys some rest as well as keeping the fans laughing, which set the mood for the rest of the show.

It seemed that the setting for the show was based around idol and fan interaction. The members seemed to thrive off the moments where fans would shout out to them on the stage, encouraging them to perform silly dances or reactions. The following sections of the showcase were a question and answer where Bangtan would take post-it notes off a white board, read out the request or question, and then perform with their whole body. Some of the highlights revolved around V and his sexy dance (which I personally deemed an 18+ moment of the show) and Rapmon trying to reach the high notes of Jungkook’s, and failing miserably, much to the uproar of laughter from fans and members. I have seen some funny moments at most concerts I have attended, but never have I been reduced to tears of laughter… till now. It is also worth noting that at this point around 80% of the talking segments were done in English. With those moments that couldn’t be helped a translator did step in, speaking English for everyone at the event. Rapmon is known for his English speaking skills and decided to use them to his full capacity, so major kudos to him!

One of the oddest yet possibly cutest parts of the showcase was the BTS-Style segment, where lucky fans chosen by random from the crowd through a tombola were placed on stage with the members and told to use special I-pads to create a beat for Suga and Rapmon to rap to. Much hilarity followed, with the help of Jin rebelling alongside V (and making it look like the fan was the one messing up), to the point of seeing four very shell-shocked fans crying; this segment was a really good time to see how well the members composed themselves when given a task that was out of their control.


Image Credit: Kpopnonstop

After having a small water break and a little breather, the members were then quizzed about their knowledge of Berlin and Germany. As a question about horses came up on the big screen there was laughter as J-hope exclaimed, “Horse, me J-horse” (this is a running inside joke that J-hope is also known as a horse). Fans would scream out the answers and the Bangtan Boys would put their trust in the fans by shouting out what the fans had stated. In the end Jin won the event and as a way of saying thank you he chose a random fan from the crowd and gave his prize to her. This consisted of a signed album in which he kissed the front of, and a bouquet of roses. The young fan who went to the stage was in absolute shock and awe that she cried from the moment Jin spoke, to which he asked, “Why are you crying? Are you happy?” He gave the girl a hug as he guided her off stage. This was the end of fan interactions for now and the show then turned to the more fun and lighthearted performances. As chairs were placed on stage fans knew that “Just One Day” was the song to be performed. Keeping things fun the members kept their eyes on the crowd, pulling funny faces and over exaggerating their movements. After seducing the audience with their performance of “I Like It” there was yet another talk session between Bangtan to the fans with more laughs and opportunities for the fans to scream their bias’s name. The crowd was told that this would be the last set of songs as they positioned themselves ready for the next song.

One of the boys biggest hits has to be their song “Attack On Bangtan” in which they introduce themselves and their personality as a group. As soon as the first chord of the song was heard the fans were once again in uproar, singing and dancing along. A real party atmosphere was seen and felt. The feeling carried on through Bangtan’s performance of “Jump“, but was slowly demolished when the boys went into their last talk section where they began saying their thank yous, and for once I actually felt the idols had a genuinely great time. The fans joined together and had the time of their lives dancing and singing along with people they had only seen on their computer screens and TV’s. The boys gave their bows and the lights dimmed. The usual chants of “Encore, encore” echoed in the large venue, which then turned to screams and shouts of “Bangtan, Bangtan”. After a quick outfit change, the boys came out one more time; this was the real end of the night, and the fans knew this.


Image Credit: Kpopnonstop

Taking position the boys prepared themselves to sing their latest song “Boy In Luv“. Although the choreography is one of the key points of the song, it seemed that the members were sad to be finishing so soon, and in the end decided to just sing out to the fans and interact a little bit more. One of the key moments when the final song was sung was that Rapmon took to the microphone to say his thank yous and really thanked the fans for chanting their names. They all seemed taken aback by the love the fans had shown throughout their showcase, and I got the sense that they really didn’t want it to end, but this was it. A final bow, a final goodbye, and the boys left the stage to get ready for the High 5 event.

I was lucky enough to go for the High 5 event at the end of the concert as well, so joined the queue with the lucky 200 fans who were all jittering with the excitement that they will get to see their idols up close, speak to them, and hold their hands. Being at the back I got the best view of seeing how happy the Bangtan members were to thank their fans, and how happy the fans left. When I finally got to the table to see them, I was greeted with a, “OH! You interviewed us earlier!” They actually remembered who I was, and it suddenly turned from a High 5 event to a family greeting with cheers, laughs, and lots of “Thank Yous” and “See you soon”.

I have been to a few concerts now and can honestly say that the fan service of this showcase was simply the best I had ever seen. The boys were extremely polite, and seeing them face-to-face and then on stage, there is no difference, they really are that friendly and funny. Their music created a new generation of Korean hip-hop and introduced K-pop music lovers to a whole new type of sound and performance. If you ever get the chance to see Bangtan Boys perform live, I fully recommend that you go and see them. For starters you will not be disappointed, and I’m sure you will walk out loving every single member for their unique personalities and comedic ways. Another thing I would like to add was how well run the showcase was by Kpopnonstop and their helpers Kpopmagazin. Their friendliness and efficiency levels were far higher than I ever expected, and I really look forward to see what other K-pop acts they can bring to Europe. Here’s hoping that they expand to the UK as well, as I’m sure a lot of British fans would love to attend such well run concerts!

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