CM Punk, Triple H and Shawn Michaels are in WWE 2K15 thanks to story mode


When we last reported about WWE 2K15 we discussed the news regarding the announcement of the story mode, known in the game as 2K Showcase. The mode gives players the chance to relive two of the WWE’s most storied rivalries from years past. Well now, thanks to, we have actual information on which rivalries have been chosen to be retold in this mode (and no, sadly it is not Alberto Del Rio vs The Live Events Social Media Manager). The two rivalries which have been chosen to be the core part of this mode are WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels vs Triple H and John Cena vs CM Punk.

CM Punk at the  WWE Royal Rumble. Image copyright World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) 2014

What is interesting about the choice of these two rivalries is that both of them are from the more recent history of WWE (unlike the last two games where the story modes went far back in the company’s rich history). Whilst this is a little disappointing, is it is worth noting that it will be the first time that either of these rivalries will be covered in a WWE video game.

Another point that makes these choices interesting is the recent history between CM Punk and the company. For those are who not familiar, Punk was last seen in a WWE ring at the Royal Rumble event in January, after which he abruptly vanished from the WWE landscape. In the days that followed it emerged that Punk had told WWE owner Vince McMahon that he was leaving before the start of the following night’s Monday Night Raw event to go home and since then he has never returned to the company. In the weeks that followed, despite the hopes of fans worldwide, Punk remained true to his word and stayed away from the company. When his contract finally expired in July, the WWE removed his profile from the active roster area to the alumni page, firmly putting an end to his WWE stint. Given this saga it is surprising to see that this rivalry has been selected, especially when you consider the way Punk and the company parted. However, even after leaving, Punk is still popular amongst the WWE audience, with regular chants of his name heard echoing throughout arenas worldwide, so the inclusion of his rivalry with John Cena would seem to make sense.

Whether Punk will return to promote the game now that he is a such a key part of it is another question altogether. Though it does seem all the more likely when you consider that he would be contracted to do this promotion by 2K Games and not WWE. Therefore this would mean he would be able to promote the game all the while not working for the WWE and therefore not be obligated to fulfill any in-ring commitments.

Aside from the announcement of the two rivalries we have also been given a little bit more information about the mode itself. The two rivalries will be detailed across 33 matches and will be supported by all of the fantastic video packages that the WWE produced around them. The mode will also have a large dose of archive footage thrown in to help add to the authenticity and build up the drama of the storylines in the way the WWE do so well.

There was also one little bit of news that was snuck into the reveal and one that has given fans a little bit of hope that their favourite rivalry may still make it into the game. Following the game’s release more rivalries will be available as downloadable content. Whilst this move is certainly a great idea it would mean that the downloadable content for this year’s game is light years ahead of its predecessors. One cannot help but wonder how much data this will require players to download and whether 2K Games servers would be able to support the franchise’s millions of players all downloading large files at once. Or would it be already on the game’s disc (ala Ada Wong’s campaign on Resident Evil 6) and only unlockable once the content is purchased?

WWE 2K15 is released on October 28th 2014 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3. Until then you can relive all of the rivalries from the WWE via the WWE Network which is available now in most countries priced $9.99 (or thereabouts) and from October 1st in the UK.

Source: IGN

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