Robin Williams found dead at 63


As a writer, you sometimes stare at a blinking cursor, waiting for words to come for you to write.
But it has nothing on writing the words “Robin Williams found dead”. Discovering the authorities reporting of his death and all the news outlets confirming it. You just stare at a blinking cursor, like you usually do, but now your head is full of so many things.

The Genie from Aladdin. Dancing Flubber. Playing Jumanji. The babysitter Mrs. Doubtfire is a dude in some damn fine makeup. “Rufio! Rufio! Rufiooooo!!”.  Standing on top of a desk saying “Oh Captain, my Captain!” and seizing the day. One of your favourite episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway? Learning about love and loss and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s burgeoning careers while a bearded comedian from your youth drops some science. The good mornings of Vietnam. The creepiness of a One-Hour Photo. What Dreams May Come. Laughter being the best medicine.

Robin_WilliamsYour head just becomes a mismatched flurry of a diverse and inventive comedian, who has flown in an out of your head throughout your growing up. The cartoons. The live-action slapstick. The dramedy. The inspirational tales. The dramatic turns. The R-Rated comedy.
Your head can’t even begin to really process what is going on. Robin Williams found dead. It’s an apparent suicide and he’s 63 years old, and that just makes it worse.

To paraphrase Roosevelt, the light has gone out of your life. At least, it has for a fleeting moment. Because your head is full of so many things. You remember all the films and the TV and the things you learn about him later on in life like his love of video games and his daughter named Zelda. His love of Neon Genesis Evangelion. You recall how you’ve learnt more and more on how amazing a human being Robin Williams is. The USO tours. The charity work. The donations.

You can’t help but smile at his impressions, and his dirty jokes, and the jokes he put in movies you still discover years from then.

You feel sad, but you still feel elation. Of how there are people like this in the world. How there still are. How he still is.
Because you can just put in that Aladdin VHS whenever you want. That Good Will Hunting DVD. The digital download of Weapons of Mass Distraction. YouTube his Whose Line? episode. Close your eyes and dream of a man with hairy arms and a rubber face speaking super fast, going “Ho ho!”, saying a million jokes a second, in every single voice you’ve ever heard in your life.

You can’t possibly come to terms with the fact that Robin Williams has been found dead, at least not right in this moment…

…But you’re glad that he was alive. Because look at how different it would have been without Mork from Ork.

You would have laughed a lot less.

But that still doesn’t mean you can’t go “Shazbot!” right now. Because you can.

Rest in peace, Robin Williams. I do hope you haven’t let this inconvenience stop you from entertaining whoever there is wherever you are now.


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