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MCM BUZZ – Movies, TV, Comics, Gaming, Anime, Cosplay News & Reviews » MyM Issue 29 featuring Attack on Titan out now!
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MyM Issue 29 featuring Attack on Titan out now!

Issue 29 of MyM, the official magazine of MCM Expo Group, is out now! 

Genuine phenomena don’t come along that often. It can take years for a TV show, a manga, an anime or a movie to drop like a stone into the pool of modern culture and see its ripples spread outward. Using that analogy, Attack On Titan’s emergence (see page 18) is more like a piece of city wall being dropped into a lake by one of the manga’s fearsome creatures.

The franchise has already spread well beyond its publishing roots to become the hottest new anime out there – and it’s finally coming to UK DVD. It’s not stopping there, though. With spinoffs, prequels and a live-action movie either in production or with us already, it is genuinely a Titan among other franchises. Check out Subaru’s car advert to see how genuinely awesome that film version may be!

While all eyes were on the giant peeking over the wall at MyM towers, we still threw some admiring glances in other directions this month. Our efforts to travel to the world’s best conventions took us to nearby Manchester (page 12) and far away Los Angeles (page 30), stopping in at San Diego (page 10) along the way to bring you the highlights.

Elsewhere, Hollywood came calling once again, as Eva Green and Jessica Alba dished the dirt on Sin City 2 (and boy, does that city have some dirt…), while Sylvester Stallone gave us the lowdown on action sequel The Expendables 3.

Bundle that with the best videogame, anime, manga and movie reviews known to man, woman or CGI raccoon and we like to think this is one Titan issue you’re holding in your hands. And we promise not to eat you – how’s that for a bonus?
Matt Chapman, MyM editor

MyM is available at all good newsagents including WHS and many independents. Click this link to find your nearest MyM stockist by postcode.

If your nearest store is too far away, please email, and we’ll look into it for you.

Alternatively you can enjoy a substantial discount off the cover price if you subscribe to MyM by visiting this site.

MyM 29 Attack on Titan


Anime fans worldwide seem to have an insatiable appetite for attention-grabbing gorefest Attack On Titan. Tom Arden examines what makes the show such a monster hit, and ponders where it could go from here.

MyM didn’t just hit the beach and chill in LA (although that was tempting). Instead we chatted to the cream of the panellists and the professional cosplayers, while capturing the best outfits in the LA Exhibitions Centre.

What’s your weapon of choice? MyM takes a look at Soul Eater NOT!, the supernatural spin-off anime series following a trio of teens attending DWMA’s (allegedly) less dangerous classes.

Putting the graphic into graphic novel, Frank Miller’s seedy comic-book world finally returns to screens this year. Eva Green defends the series’ sexuality.

From iconic heroines to flesh-hungry ghouls, handsome swimmers to railway workers, there’s no lack of variety amongst this summer’s crop of streaming anime. Fortunately, MyM is on hand to sort the sure-fire hits from the mile-wide misses.

Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham join forces with Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes for the first time on film. Explosive doesn’t even cover it…

With the original Dragon Ball finally getting a UK release earlier this year and Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of The Gods newly licensed by Manga Entertainment, Chris Perkins takes an alphabetical tour around the most powerful anime franchise in the known universe…

Including everything you need to know about San Diego Comic Con, Marvel’s massive makeover for Thor and Captain America and your chance to win a PS3 console with ANIMAX.

Bend time and space with the new graphic novel from the creator of Scott Pilgrim, get crafty with some geeky cross-stitch patterns and pre-order a limited edition Sailor Moon Pullip doll.

Our man on Planet Japan eyes Cristiano Ronaldo’s facial exercise faux pas, suffers Luigi’s death stare and profiles Shizuoka, one of the oldest inhabited places in Japan.

This month’s Cosplay Corner features Katharine Byrne’s interview with US cosplayer RikkuGrape about creating the perfect Princess Zelda, Granny Gertrude’s look at how to present a cosplay masquerade, plus another quartet of eye-catching posters.

Japanese fashion in a Parisian setting; how could we resist? Saoirse Clohessy brings us some of the costumes on show at Lolita group French Café’s first Garden Party.

This issue, we take a look at mega-shooter in the making Destiny, go hands-on with the Dark Souls-inspired Lords Of The Fallen, Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris, Civilization: Beyond Earth and the imminent releases of Tales Of Xillia 2 and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. We’ve also got some mighty reviews, with the surprising Divinity: Original Sin, the depressingly dark Gods Will Be Watching, the super-retro Shovel Knight and the climactic episode of The Wolf Among Us, Cry Wolf.

There’s a sci-fi slant to this month’s anime offerings, with Psycho-Pass, Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust, From The New World and Robotics;Notes all being analysed by MyM’s team of hi-tech review bots. On top of such futuristic fare, we also take a look at Jormungand: Perfect Order, Mysterious Girlfriend X, Campione, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball and Nekomonogatari Black.

There’s something for everyone this month, including thrills (Blue Ruin, Pioneer, Capricorn One), drama (Million Dollar Arm, The Informant), comedy (They Came Together), horror (Killers), animation (Planes 2), documentary (The Notorious Mr. Bout) and a huge dollop of action (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Lucy, The Expendables 3, Warrior King 2).

Japanese internet sensation Babymetal performed their first ever European gig at Sonisphere 2014 and MyM was there to report from the mosh pit.


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