U-KISS “Scandal” concert ticket prices announced!


As we previously announcedU-KISS would be making a stop in London for their European tour titled “Scandal“. We now have information that tickets will be going on sale on August 21st and will be available through Ticketmaster and on the official Aziaevents website. At the moment there are four types of tickets you can get, starting at General Entry, Early Entry, General Entry + Meet And Greet, and lastly Early Entry + Meet And Greet.

General Entry : £49
Early Entry : £79
Meet & Greet Entry : £119
Meet & Greet + Early Entry :£149

U-KISS consist of members Kevin, Soohyun, Eli, Hoon, Kiseop, Aj and new member Jun. They debuted in 2008 with the single “Not Young” and in 2009 they released one of their biggest hits “Man ManHa Ni” which turned them into a household name due to the catchy song and addictive dance. In 2010 their song “Shut up!” along with “Bingeul Bingeul” sent fans reeling, which allowed the boys to top charts in the Philippines, the Hanteo Charts, Hot Tracks, Syn-nara Records and Evan Records in one day. Although they are known for their dance tracks which have a late 90s Brit-pop feel, they have also shown their talents with ballads such as their “0330” release in 2011, which was followed up with “Someday” and then “Neverland“.

U-KISS have gained a huge following within Japan as they entered the Japanese music industry with “Tick, Tack“, “Forbidden Love” and their first full length Japanese album “A Shared Dream“. In April of 2012 U-KISS promoted their song “Dora Dora” that was taken from their new album of the same name, and also released “Te Amo” a special single that was written and performed just for their fans who are named “Kiss – Me’s“.

The end of 2012 saw the boys finish off their extremely successful year with the release of “Stop Girl” and “Distance“. 2013 marked a new era for U-KISS; with their release of “Standing Still“, gone were the days of young boys and in came the look of matured grown men. To help promote U-KISS whilst some members were busy with solo projects such as acting and musicals, members Eli, AJ and Kevin created the sub-unit “U-Beat” and released the song “Should Have Treated You Better“.

Be sure to check back to MCM Buzz for any more information and updates on the concert itself. Check out U-KISS’s raunchy latest release “Mono Scandal” below where they go against the grain of K-pop, with a video which shows that their once boyish charms are more matured.

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