Updates on the K-Culture Festival in Düsseldorf


With the K-Culture Festival in Düsseldorf less than four weeks away, lots of exciting news and many new announcements have been made about what fans can expect to see and participate in over the 12th and 13th of September at the ISS Dome. We have been giving fans continuous updates about the event that have included special ticketing packages, greetings from Ailee, BtoB, GOT7, MBLAQ, Block B and VIXX and a round up of all the events that will be happening over the two days.

The special guests that will be hosting the event have been announced. Firstly there is Peter Han, who made a name for himself by starring on the Korean “X-Factor” show “K-pop Super Star” in season 3. It was unfortunate that he was cut from the final ten contestants, but not in vain. He has a strong amount of followers and still keeps up with his singing. Check out his introduction video below!

The second part of the host team is the K-Culture Festival’s very own Nela Lee. She had her own TV show in which she met Ailee once before, and has become a YouTube sensation around Europe and the western world. She will be bringing her charm to the stage and as she introduces herself via YouTube before the festival it seems she is really excited to see all of the fans

Now we all know filming a video will have some bloopers and funny moments, and recording greetings for the K-Culture Festival is no exception. Starring Peter Han, Ailee and GOT7 this shows some of the more difficult moments where Ailee tries to speak German, Peter forgets his lines, and GOT7 get carried away with the moment. Ending on a high note you can see the excitement building and the fun they all seem to be having whilst preparing to meet their fans and to give a show like never before!

And lastly we have a complete round up of all the idols promoting the event as well as some special messages to get fans excited for the event. Showcasing clips of the idols music, along with their videos it allows you to see what is in store for the concerts, and what songs might be performed live on stage!

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