Topp Dogg release “Amadeus Deluxe Edition” Album


Topp Dogg are no strangers on MCM Buzz. Having previously interviewed the group we got to know a little about the talented members. Recently Stardom Entertainment informed us of the exciting news that Topp Dogg were back with a Deluxe Edition Amadeus Album.

Their previous Amadeus album gained great recognition throughout the Korean music scene with their Mozart vs Salieri concept, which smashed many K-pop charts with their clever collaboration of traditional Korean music, classical, pop and hip-hop. For the deluxe version of the album there are three new tracks, the first being a collaboration with ZoPD titled “This Isn’t Right“. Originally the song was released by ZoPD for his ‘In Stardom‘ album back in 2013, but he decided to do a new version featuring Topp Dogg. It is a mid-tempo ballad that tells the story of a man bidding farewell to a woman. Members P-Goon, Hojoon, Seogoong and Sangdo helped to give a new spin to an already classic ballad song, bringing a more modern and up-to-date sound.


The second new song is “Oh My Baby” which is said to have been a planned song since debut times that was produced by Monitor Punch. It is a song that is able to show Topp Dogg’s unique charm and describes the feeling and point of view of a man on a first date with a girl. Keeping true to the group’s exploration of styles and genres, the song has an RnB melody keeping the listener at ease. And last in the new songs on the album is the release “PeekABoo“. Fast and upbeat with the help of synthesizers, vocals and a classic hip-hop vibe, the song allows the listener to get a little closer to the rappers of the group as they battle it out verbally. In a little twist the music video for the song is not that of a typical dance video, but one that explores the hip-hop culture that features the signature Stardom Entertainment fashion and design to bring happiness to the fans.

Member Kidoh is the most prominent member who has been producing, composing and lyric writing, and he has been composing tracks for this album since his debut. On top of working with his group members, he has also been working on his very own solo album and is ready to promote his own solo career. This was only possible due to the amount of support, love and great feedback he gained when he released his mixtape as a tester to see if it was what fans wanted. It seemed that fans were beyond happy at the prospect that Kidoh could make it as a solo artist yet still be part of Topp Dogg.


When looking at the information about the tracks on the album it was surprising to see that the members of the group had a full hands-on approach to what they perform; from producing, composing and lyric writing, it seemed that this album was truly their own work. When you listen to the songs on the album and realise that each member had their own input, suddenly you understand just how much work they do; that contrary to belief, they were not just another boy group from a mould that many had used before them. They are in fact unique, disciplined and talented young men.

Be sure to check out Topp Dogg’s preview video for the Amadeus Deluxe Edition Album below, and keep a look out on MCM Buzz for further information, promotional details and events featuring Topp Dogg in the near future!


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