Disney Unveils Live-Action Duck Tales


First, there was the live-action 1996 version of 101 Dalmatians, starring Glenn Close as the deliciously evil Cruella DeVille. Then came Tim Burton’s 2009 return to Wonderland, soon followed by this year’s Maleficent, a reimagining of Disney’s iconic 1959 animated Sleeping Beauty feature. More recently, we’ve had news that Kenneth Branagh is directing a live-action Cinderella movie, featuring Lily James in the title role. Since then, we’ve also been promised realistic remakes of both Beauty and the Beast and, rather more surprisingly, The Jungle Book.

It seems live-action remakes of animated classics have become quite de rigeur at Disney in recent years, with some of their proposed projects appealing more than others. But we’re convinced you’ve yet to see the strangest: as if the idea of a real-life Baloo and King Louis jamming out to cool tunes wasn’t weird enough already, MCM Buzz can now reveal that the latest Disney production to receive the real-world makeover will be 90s TV favourite Duck Tales!

Don’t believe us? Check out the newly released title sequence for yourself below:

Okay, so you may have been right not to believe us…

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Source: Oh My Disney

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