Extended Trailer for Once Upon a Time Season 4


It’s that time of year again. You can almost sense the anticipation as we wait patiently (or impatiently in some cases) for our favourite US shows to start back up again. But there was an extra reason to look forward to Once Upon a Time. After all, the end of Season 3 had revealed that Frozen’s Elsa was coming to Storybrooke.

Other than hints of Elsa and Anna’s backstory, there haven’t been too many details about where their story will go and how Elsa might fall on the Villain/Hero scale in Storybrooke. So it’ll definitely be exciting to find out.

And Rumbellers have reason to squeal with delight as we get a reveal of Belle and Rumple dressed in the iconic outfits from Beauty and the Beast. ABC really know how to please the Disney fan-girls and boys don’t they? But enough from me, see the extended trailer for yourself!


Sources: Entertainment Weekly and Disney Blog

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