Is Nintendo Making a Real Life Pokédex?

Pokedex Gen 1

A mysterious patent filed by The Pokémon Company, Nintendo and Ambrella (mainly associated with Pokémon spin-offs) has sparked rumours that we might soon see the creation of a Pokédex-like device.

No official announcement has yet been made, and as such, information is still limited to the vague and technical text of the patent itself. What we do know, however, is that the companies are jointly working on a handheld, “information processing device” that will be able to scan NFC devices and store and categorize information extracted from them. This means it will work in a similar way to Amiibo, Skylanders or Disney Infinity, leading many to surmise that a Pokédex that can interact with Pokémon toys and cards will be headed for the shops before long.

The patent was actually filed back in March, but has only just been made available for perusal by the public. In addition to wireless communication capabilities, the device will be able to read NFC, RFID and integrated circuit chips (like those found in credit cards). It is apparently the invention of Ambrella director and frequent Pokémon collaborator Norio Matsumura.

Images included in the filing feature sketches of animals, rather than Pokémon per se, but the various creatures appear with listed stats, as in in-game ‘dexes,  There’s also the fact that possible game scenarios are discussed, with battles between animals given as an example. This tantalizingly suggests that users may be able to battle friends with similar devices using the (hypothetical) Pokémon they’ve added to their (hypothetical) Pokédex.

A word of warning, though, not to get your hopes up too high. Nintendo has yet to confirm any of this, and even if it really is a patent for a Pokédex, there’s no guarantee we’ll be seeing the finished product any time soon.

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