Assassin’s Creed Drops Off Film Schedule, Fantastic Four Delayed

assassin's creed

In what will doubtless come as frustrating news to many movie-goers, Fox has once again been altering its release schedule for next year, with the already delayed Fantastic Four movie having been shifted along another couple of months, while the hotly anticipated Assassin’s Creed appears to have disappeared altogether.

Almost a year ago now, MCM Buzz reported that the initial planned release dates for the two films had been altered, with Assassin’s Creed shifted from June to August, while Fantastic Four took over Assassin’s Creed‘s 19th June slot, itself moved from an earlier date in May. The latest news on these apparently ill-fated features is that a sort of repeat scenario has taken place: Fantastic Four is now expected to arrive on 7th August (the date previously allocated to Assassin’s Creed), while Assassin’s Creed is no longer scheduled for release on any specific date.

It’s possible that Fox will offer more information before long, but for the time being, this bodes ill for Assassin’s Creed. With Star Wars, Episode VII set to hit cinemas in December next year, at the very least, the additional delay renders it unlikely that a new date will be set before 2016, which will naturally come as a disappointment to the franchise’s many enthusiastic fans.

More updates on this as we discover them.

Source: Den of Geek

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