The Prop Gallery Bring Special Guests to MCM Birmingham Comic Con

The Prop Gallery

The Prop Gallery, well known for their work on iconic film and TV series such as Star Wars, Doctor Who and Back to the Future, are going to be making their presence known at the MCM Birmingham Comic Con in November. Not only will they be bringing a range of the props they’ve built for myriad franchises, they’ve also got two special guests lined up to appear on Saturday and Sunday, giving attendees a great opportunity to talk with the award-winning minds behind the designs that defined (try saying that five times fast) the likes of of ThunderbirdsThe NeverEnding Story, Red Dwarf, and Doctor Who.

Saturday 22 November will see Brian Johnson visiting the NEC Birmingham to talk to fans and the public alike. Johnson is well-known for his work on Thunderbirds, 2001: A Space Odyssey,  Space: 1999,  Alien, The Empire Strikes Back, Dragonslayer, and The NeverEnding Story. His work as a visual effects designer and director has earned him Academy Awards and a BAFTA, and his designs have helped define the look and feel of many of the big sci-fi greats. Even today, echoes of his work can still be seen in various series he has influenced.

The Prop Gallery will also be presenting Mike Tucker on Sunday 23rd November at the NEC. You may know his name from certain Merlin and Doctor Who novels, but he is also the man behind many of the visual effects from the programmes themselves. A veteran of the BBC Visual Effects Department, you’d be hard pressed to find someone from the UK who hasn’t been exposed to his modelling work or special effects at some point. After working for the BBC on series like Doctor Who and Red Dwarf, Tucker went on to form his own visual effects company, The Model Unit, from which he continues to work on shows such as Hiroshima and Doctor Who.

Beyond the special guests, there will be all sorts of iconic props and costumes on display at MCM Birmingham Comic Con courtesy of The Prop Gallery. But thanks to the addition of these guests, you’ll also get the opportunity to find out more about how those items came to be, direct from the mouths of the legends who created them. Make sure you don’t miss out!

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