Emma Blackery takes the stage at VidFest UK, MCM London Comic Con

Emma Blackery 2
When Emma Blackery – YouTube vlogger extraordinaire – took to the VidFest stage at MCM London Comic Con for her very own panel on Saturday, the applause was deafening. With over 770,000 subscribers to her channel, it wasn’t surprising that so many turned out to hear her speak and ask her their questions. TomSka introduced her, messing about and ‘falling’ onto the stage before starting to run around with a spare microphone and get questions from the many fans.

The Q&A ran for 30 minutes and was packed with interesting questions, the first of which being, “Do you know any words in other languages or any words in Russian?”

Emma was just a bit confused, but soon answered with the Russian for ‘yes’. “I know one word!” She exclaimed excitedly.

Emma BlackeryThroughout the panel we heard about Emma’s upcoming EP which will be released next month. When asked if she is planning on pursuing her music career full time at any point soon, she replied with a definite no. “Not right now, because I love what I’m doing now,” she said.

When Emma was asked about what inspired her to begin a YouTube career she stated that other YouTubers were the main driving force behind her beginning her channel. An few examples she gave were danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil and charlieissocoollike.

In the true spirit of Comic Con, an entertaining question was, “If you could be in any fictional universe and be any fictional superhero, who would you be?”

“Well, who isn’t hated for being female and who kills stuff,” she asked the audience. Her final answer was Black Widow of the Marvel Universe which was admittedly a good choice all-round!

She also gave some helpful advice to those who wish to pursue dreams of becoming a top YouTuber. “Don’t give up,” she said, “Make the videos you want to make. Don’t pander to an audience you don’t want to.”

One fan asked about how Emma feels about the huge impact she has had on the lives of many of her fans. Her response was that she tries not to let that side of things sink in, and that she feels like if she did she would end up preaching.

Emma’s panel was lively, fun, and everything you would expect from such an energetic person. She spoke about all manner of things, engaged with her audience and truly stood out as an amazing VidFest UK guest. Hopefully we’ll see her again at MCM London Comic Con!

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