EuroCosplay 2014 Winner Crowned at MCM London Comic Con

Eurocosplay Winners (by Sarah Tsang)

Photo by Sarah Tsang

With the title of EuroCosplay champion 2014 up for grabs and a total of 41 entrants competing for the coveted top spot, the 2014 Eurocosplay Championships at MCM London Comic Con was certainly a battle to behold.

The Netherlands had taken the crown for the last two years running, but did anyone stop them from making it a hat-trick?

The competition was hosted by MCM Community Manager and cosplay team leader, Joe “ Granny Gertrude” Black and was judged by an esteemed panel of judges that consisted of Curt Ubank (AKA CB Studios) from Australia, Jayden Champ Okageo from the United States and Malinda-chan from the United States.

First came the judges personal awards, with Malinda awarding Kei Lin Sama from the UK cosplaying as Hana from CLAMP’s Gate 7.

Curt’s choice was Henrik from Sweden cosplaying as the Xenomorph from Alien.

Jayden awarded Dora from Bulgaria who cosplayed The Headless Horseman from Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow.

Kaira as Sora from Kingdom HeartsThen came the final three.

In third place was Aoime from Hungary who was cosplaying as Amethyst Ashe from League of Legends.

The second place runner-up was awarded to Yurai from Spain as Elsa from Frozen.

But when all the marks were added together it was announced that Kaira from Poland was the 2014 EuroCosplay champion, cosplaying Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Having placed second at Eurocosplay twice before, Kaira said on the shock of having won, “I have no words. I can’t believe it’s true.”

The EuroCosplay competition with return in 2015 and the first UK representative is expected to be decided at MCM London Comic Con in May 2015.



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