The Great Eon Ticket Relay is Coming to the UK

EON_Ticket_LOGO_RGB_LoResOn Saturday 29th November, a special launch event in London will introduce the very first Eon Tickets to UK players of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

The tickets, which allow Alpha Sapphire players to catch Latios and Omega Ruby players to catch Latias, are normally obtained via StreetPass, meaning that most trainers will have to wait until they’ve passed by someone who already has one to get hold of their own. But to get things started, 15 Pokémon fans from different towns and cities across the country will be given a unique opportunity to participate in the launch, conferring on them the responsibility to spread their tickets far and wide.

In addition to being the first to receive Eon Tickets, those selected will also get the chance to meet GAME FREAK’s Pokémon producer, Junichi Masuda, as well as taking home some exclusive Pokémon goodies! They’ll then be sent off to GAME locations to begin passing on their tickets.

Full details on The Great Eon Ticket Relay will be unveiled at 3pm on Thursday 13th November at Check back then for information about how to enter and which GAME stores will be involved. You can also check for Twitter updates using the hashtag #EonTicketUK.


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