Constantine TV Show Production Halted at 13 Episodes

Constantine Matt Ryan (Danse Vaudou)

In what came as less than surprising news, NBC announced that their fledgling DC/Vertigo adaptation, Constantine, would halt production following the completion of 13 episodes.

Screenshot 2014-11-25 20.44.04Billed as an occult thriller, Constantine is a supernatural drama about a man who cannot pronounce his own name.

Over the course of the five episodes thus far broadcast, the show has been met with mixed reactions from its target audience. Whilst Matt Ryan, who stars as the titular antihero has been generally praised and the overall approach has been met more favourably than the Warner Bros. 2005 film adaptation, there has still been much criticism levelled atthe generic approach to the source material.

Having recently adapted aspects of Jamie Delano‘s initial arc from John Constantine, Hellblazer – the acclaimed predecessor to the character’s present, DC Universe title – Constantine as a show has been forced consistently to walk a fine line between what is expected of a network television channel and the demands of fans already familiar with the character.

Yet no man can serve two masters, as the saying goes, and this division in the show, its attempts to please both a casual audience and those more informed regarding the nature of John Constantine may prove to be the show’s undoing.

It is telling that, despite an admirable effort from Matt Ryan in his portrayal of the character, Constantine has so far continually put himself in the line of fire for the good of those around him. It may sound like a ridiculous criticism to level at a show, but there have been no stories to date where Constantine has simply walked away and absolved himself of responsibility but merit of it not being his problem.

Whether this consternation between fans of the former #300 issue comic and the need for the station to reach out to a newer audience will prevent Constantine from getting a second season remains to be seen.

Source: Deadline

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