Cube Entertainment to attend the European K-pop Dream Concert 2015


Some great news for K-pop fans in Europe from our friends at AM Entertainment over in the Netherlands, with the announcement of a K-pop Dream Concert. Featuring idols from Cube Entertainment in a family concert, it will take place in Rotterdam on April 4th 2015.

The official website for the event announced that confirmed artists to appear include Beast, BTOB, 4Minute, Apink, and the possibility of some up-coming K-pop inspired DJ’s. With their artists made public they reiterated that their event will have, “Your favourite acts, a mind blowing show, lightsticks, kimchi, merchandise and much much more. This concert is by K-pop fans for K-pop fans. Making a dream come true for all K-pop fans around Europe. We are bringing everything we love about K-pop just a little bit closer.”

With the backlash of the K-Culture Festival still raw in the minds of avid K-pop fans (which was supposed to be held in Germany back in August only to be cancelled at very short notice, leaving fans all around the world feeling let down and out of money), the lack of an official announcement from Cube Entertainment meant that there had been a sense of caution at the legitimacy of the K-pop Dream Concert. Some were wondering whether this is the same concert, by the same people, under a different name. There has been a collaboration with Cube Entertainment, AM Entertainment, Ahoy Rotterdam and Paylogic, which has calmed many fans who had some misconceptions. Also, AM Entertainment were quick to respond to negative messages with a lengthy reply understanding the point of view from fans.

We can understand people are scared after what happened in Germany, with the K-Culture Festival. But we are not in any way related to that event, venue or the organisation behind it. We are not responsible for what happened nor do we feel that we are obliged to compensate for their amateurish way of handling things.

Like with any event we do, we’re transparent in our way of event management, but above all we work very hard to have clear communication and full service pre, during and post event. All companies involved are registered at the Chamber of Commerce (either the Dutch version or the South Korean equivalent).

With that out of the way the organisers have released full information about the event which you can find below:

K-pop Dream Concert
Ahoy, Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA, Rotterdam
When: 4th April 2015
Performing Acts: BTOB, Beast, Apink, 4Minute, G.Na
Ticket Pricing:
2nd Row Seating  €70 (Roughly £56)
1st Row Arc Seating €80 (Roughly £74)
1st Row Premium Seats €90 (Roughly £71)
Floor Standing €90 (Roughly £71)
Golden Circle €110 (Roughly £87)
When Do They Go On Sale: 
13th December 2014


Be sure to keep checking back to MCM Buzz for more information on where to purcahse tickets and any news as it is released. We will also have some special articles based on the event such as travelling, accommodation, performing artists and an upcoming interview with the creators and directors themselves. In the meantime be sure to check out the official website and Facebook page for the event.

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