Topp Dogg World Tour “World ToppKlass” to stop in Europe!


Topp Dogg are no strangers to MCM Buzz. Since our interview with the group back in February they have progressed through the Korean music industry at a rapid pace and become one of the most powerful rookie groups of 2014. The members will be meeting their international fans early in the new year by holding their own overseas tour titled “World ToppKlass” which will start in January 2015!

Members P-Goon, Sangdo, Nakta, B-joo, Hansol, Seogoong, Kidoh, Hojoon, Xero, Atom, Yano, Gohn, and Jenissi plan to host a “Fan’stival” within 13 cities, and 11 countries across South and North America, South East Asia, and Europe! Their tour will feature opportunities for fans to get up close and personal, and will showcase some of the group’s most popular songs as well as an abundance of fan interaction.

Fashion Inspired By MC Hammer

Fashion Inspired By MC Hammer

Starting 2015 with a bang Topp Dogg will visit Japan in January, followed by Europe, then traveling to Houston, Florida and Atlanta in February whilst finishing up in South East Asia in March. In a press statement released by their record label, Stardom Entertainment, they have commented, “We are very thankful to the overseas fans who always send their support, we have been receiving a lot of love calls and we plan to add a number of performances for fans. The day Topp Dogg meets the fans across five oceans and six continents is not too far away!”

Over the year the group have raised their musical game impressing large scale sold out showcases in China, whilst also achieving the number one spot on Japanese Tower Records daily chart. In Malaysia their fan meeting was one of the most talked about group’s to come from Korea, and they soared to the top of the charts in Thailand. Commenting on their new tour the Topp Dogg members stated, “We are very happy that we have a chance to repay our overseas fans. Although we will be performing overseas, we ask that not only the overseas fans but also our Korean fans watch over us and give us strength.”

Fashion Inspired By Vanilla Ice

Fashion Inspired By Vanilla Ice

In Oct 24 2013 ‘Dogg’s Out‘ was the debut album of the new rookie hip-hop group. Within a year they released six mini albums and were classed as one of the busiest rookie groups of 2014. The boys celebrated their one year anniversary with a present for their fans, “Topp Klass“, with heartfelt messages encased in lyrics for their latest album “Anniversary“. Their title song “Annie” is a reinterpretation of the new jack swing genre that dominated the 90s; inspiration came from legends of the music industry such as MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice who were the pioneers of the new jack swing movement. However, they didn’t just want their music to represent their specific era, so they also took inspiration from the American music market around the 90s, which meant a change to all the members fashion, hair, choreography and stage direction.

Keeping cool and upbeat they abbreviated the word Anniversary and came up with the name “Annie” to show that they were celebrating their first anniversary together as a group. The lyrics tell the story through the mind of the fans love which is accompanied with the new jack swing rhythm, urban guitar and keyboard. Their fashion style depicts that of MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, and is a hat tilt to the late 80s and early 90s. Be sure to check back to MCM Buzz for any updates on the tour, from dates, venues and ticketing information and show your support for Topp Dogg on their official Facebook whilst watching their latest release “Annie” below.



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