“Who Is Who” at the European K-pop Dream Concert


Some of you may have seen the news announcing the European K-pop Dream Concert being held in Rotterdam – The Netherlands in 2015. With the Cube Entertainment family revealed to be the headlining acts, it was felt that a little history lesson behind each of them was needed to help get you pumped for the concert of the year!

Cube Entertainment was founded back in 2006 and created sub companies A-Cube and Cube DC. They are a company known for their K-pop, Teen-pop, Electo-pop and Dance-pop music and are the home for their artists 4Minute, G.NA, Rain, Roh Ji Hoon, Beast, BtoB, Huh Gak, A Pink, M4M, Kim Kiri, Shin Ji Hoon, and Oh Ye-ri. At the K-pop Dream Concert there will be a selection of much loved K-pop idols who will be giving the ultimate fan service to their fans. With a high chance of mixed group interactions and special stages there are endless possibilities as to what we can expect at the concert. Below is some information about each of the participating acts to prepare you for what will be on offer.

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BtoB is short for Born To Beat, which the members Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Sungjae, and Ilhoon explain that they were made to create and perform music. The group debuted in 2012 with their first song “Insane“. They set their standards high with impressive vocals and the ability to sing accapella. Following up their dance song with the ballad “Father” it allowed fans and K-pop music lovers around the world to see their full potential as a new group. Their release of “Irresistible Lips” caused a small commotion when the music video revealed Minhyuk portraying a relationship and a steamy kiss scene. Showing their diversity once more and keeping true to their personalities the cheeky song and music video to “WoW” garnered a huge amount of love from overseas fans as it topped many charts. As a thank you to their forever faithful Melodies (BtoB’s fanclub) a special release of “Lover Boy” was created showing the daily life of the members as they go from schedule to schedule.

When Cube Entertainment asked fans what style they liked to see from BtoB, it was a unanimous decision that the cute, fluffy and pretty videos were the most sought after themes. Taking the fans ideas into consideration they created a funny yet cute video for “2nd Confession” which was their first release of 2013. Their song “When I Was Your Man” showcased their matured and improved vocals, but showing their vocals and ability to keep in trend BtoB released “Thriller“. One of the key points about BtoB is their personalities, although each member is very different they all seem to have the same understanding and are always getting love calls from around the world to appear on TV shows, giving a very comedic appearance, something that can be seen in their music video for the song “Beep Beep“. After being announced as one of the acts for the upcoming concert, we are truly all in for a special performance from the boys. Their latest song “You’re So Fly” can be seen below.

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HyunA, JiHyun, GaYoon, JiYoon, and SoHyun make up the five member girl group 4Minute who debuted in 2009 with their songs “Hot Issue” and “Muzik“. With high bright fashion and a slightly hip yet well controlled vocal range, whereas most of the girl groups at the time turned to dance themed songs, 4Minute went in the opposite direction with a more cutesy approach with the release of “What A Girl Wants“. May 2010 saw the release of their album “Hit Your Heart“, with their single releases of “Huh” and “I My Me Mine” following shortly after. Straight after the girls went to promote in Japan hitting the top of the charts with their “Diamond” album. Consistently creating catchy songs the girls released “Heart To Heart” and only ten days later released “Mirror Mirror” with both songs showing their diversity.

In 2012 they dropped their album and title track “Volume Up“, around this time the dark theme was very popular and 4Minute were one of the first groups to do a sexy yet slightly haunting video as a girl group. They have worked with some big names throughout the industry, but one of their biggest hits came in 2013, collaborating with Brave Brothers and their release of “What’s Your Name?” which was closely followed by another Brave Brothers collaboration, “Is It Poppin?” In 2014 the girls hit the charts one more time with their release of “Whatcha Doin’ Today?” and finished the year with a “Thank You” release for their fans 4.Nias which you can see below!

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Also known as B2ST, the six members of this boy group include DooJoon, HyunSeung, JunHyung, Yoseob, GiKwang, and Dong Woon. They debuted in 2009 with their fan club B2uty and B2sties and the release of “Bad Girl“, which was a huge turning point for Beast. After many years of training they finally saw themselves on TV and surrounded by fans. Everyone knows within the K-pop world you have to be either very good or very unique to make a mark as a boy group. Luckily for Beast they were both unique and had skills in singing and dancing. Upon viewing the video for “Mystery” you can feel each person’s personality shine through; that cold and cool demeanor slowly fades as you realise they are jokers and out for a laugh. With a distinct sound and feel to all of Beast’s music, they reached the number one spot on multiple charts in Korea with the release of “Shock“, which sold over 20,000 copies in Korea alone and reached Golden Disc status in Singapore.

2010 saw the group release the album Mastermind, from which they released the single “Breath“, with the video featuring unique choreography that garnered a lot of attention from overseas fans. They followed up with “Beautiful” in which they paid homage to all of their dance fans and held an impromptu dance battle as the theme for their music video. Throughout 2011 the Beast boys travelled overseas to Japan and China promoting their albums and holding showcases as well as being asked to perform at the 2011 MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia concert. This was significant for the world of K-pop and for the boys as they were the first ever Korean boy group to be invited to the event. 2012 was a busy year for Beast as they set out on their very first international tour, “The Beautiful Show“, visiting 17 cities in 12 countries across Asia, Europe, North and South America. Within hours of the release of their single “Midnight” it was announced an ‘all-kill’, achieving the number one spot over 10 charts within Korea. As a contrast to their last song, which was dark and romantic, Beast took us to the youthful streets full of graffiti art and showed us a party atmosphere with the release of “Beautiful Night“. Members JunHyung, Yoseob and Dong Woon have explored their own music and solo albums throughout 2013 to present day, with HyunSeung collaborating with 4Minute’s HyunA to form the side group “Trouble Maker”, whilst leader DooJoon and GiKwang have concentrated on their acting careers. Check out Beast’s latest song “12:30” below.

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Also known by her full name, Gina Jane Choi, she is a Canadian singer and songwriter with one of the most powerful voices in Korea. G.NA made her debut as an entertainer after being featured in 2PM’s “10 Out Of 10” music video and becoming 4Minute HyunA’s backing dancer for her solo song “Change“. G.NA’s first single was “I’ll get lost, Go your own way“, which saw her win her first award on M! Countdown. Going in a slightly different route and showing that her vocal range is suited to all types and genres of music, G.NA released “Black And White“, an upbeat catchy song.

In 2011 she went back to her ballads and released “I Already Miss You“. 2012 saw a new side of G.NA, writing and composing some of the songs featured on her Bloom EP, one of which included her new single for that year “2HOT“. In 2013 she collaborated with her label mate Ilhoon from the boy group BtoB and released the song “Oops“, showing a cute yet mature side. For 2014 G.NA released her song “G.NA’s Secret” with the music video featuring a plethora of Korean stars from comedians and idols, including Roommate star Otani Ryohei, as well as possible Cube Entertainment trainees. Check it out below!

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A Pink

A Pink joins some of Cube Entertainment’s biggest singers under the sub company A-Cube, with members ChoRong, BoMi, EunJi, NaEun, NamJoo, and HaYoung. Debuting in 2011, it was the era of ultra cute and girly girls and A Pink were no exception to this. With the release of “I Don’t Know” they showcased a fresh yet fun new girl group. Naming their fans Pink Pandas (as a word play on the Korean pronunciation of Fan – Pan), they then decided to show how they worked as a group and gave a little behind the scenes look during the recording for “It Girl“. Keeping true to their previous songs the girls have stuck with their cute outgoing selves, but also taken a try at a more retro style with their release of “My My“, which continued into 2012 with their single “Hush Hush“.

After a long awaited comeback, 2013 saw some changes within the group. With their single “NoNoNo” they had established their own retro yet cute style within the K-pop industry, one that is akin to the first generation K-pop girl groups such as S.E.S and Fin.K.L. With the release of “U.You” A Pink went for a more up to date comedy style with their music video, which shows the girls having fun and enjoying each other’s company on set of another music video. 2014 saw a new start for the members as they once again showed behind the scenes footage of their photoshoot for the music video of “Good Morning Baby“. One thing that is apparent is the growth of the girls, through their personalities and their vocals, as seen in their second release of the year “Mr.Chu“, ending the 2014 with a more mature style, yet still hinting their retro vibe with “Luv“. Check out their latest song below!

So there you go, a huge line up of acts attending to get you excited for what’s obviously going to be one of the biggest concerts in Europe for 2015.

If you are still looking for more information on the event be sure to check out our previous article for the dates, venue, and ticket prices. You can also visit the official site for the K-pop Dream Concert. Be sure to check back in the near future for an exclusive interview with the directors of the event.

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