MCM Comic Con 2014: Our Favourite Moments

With another year of MCM Comic Con events now over and the tickets for the first event of the 2015 season, MCM Midlands Comic Con on sale, we decided to look back over some of our personal highlights from this year’s conventions that some people may not have even been aware even took place.

Happy Birthday to you!

MCM Comic Con Moments 2014 Pikachu CakeThroughout the year many people celebrate their birthdays at MCM Comic Con events, but October’s MCM London Comic Con saw one special birthday celebrated on stage as the MCM Theatre wished happy birthday en masse to Tokyo Toys Manager Hideki. The planning for Hideki’s birthday surprise actually began several months prior to the event when MCM Theatre Host Stuart Claw began chatting with the Pocky Ninja about how they were going to make it work. As the months passed, everything from getting the birthday boy to the stage without arousing suspicion to having a special card and cake created were mapped out and put in to action.

When the big day arrived, thanks to the hard work of a team including Amazing Cake Company (who made a Coco the Monkey Pikachu cake), MCM Buzz artist Claire Courtney, the audience (many of whom signed a special birthday card) and many others, the plan went off without a hitch. Some of you may be wondering why this was such a special birthday, but unfortunately we’re not allowed to tell you Hideki’s age. Let’s just say that appearances can be deceiving…

MCMMoments14 Happy Birthday Hideki

Happy Anniversary…

Birthdays are not the only thing celebrated at MCM Comic Con events as MCM Manchester Comic Con showed when one attendee celebrated his first wedding anniversary at the event. It might sound like a sweet way for a nerdy couple to celebrate a year together – except that the person in question had actually left his wife at home to come to the convention on his own! Nevertheless, everything turned out all right in the end, and you can watch the video below to see what happened.

A TMNT Cosplay that required a lot of hot air?!

With 2014 marking the year that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles returned to cinemas thanks to Michael Bay, the MCM Comic Con events saw a rise in TMNT cosplays. Seen at MCM London Comic Con in October, this Leonardo cosplay was made up entirely of balloons and was certainly one of the most unique costumes we saw this year.

MCM Comic Con Moments 2014 Ballon Turtle

Giving Freebies ain’t easy….

Giving out freebies can sometimes be harder than it looks – especially when the giveaways in question are The World’s End replica dartboards that have been tightly squeezed into a cardboard box…

Vic Mignogna stands up to the cyber bullies

November was a particularly interesting month for MCM Birmingham Comic Con guest Vic Mignogna: after being cast as Rin in the English dub of the anime Free! Eternal Summer, a number of people on the internet responded by creating a rather hurtful petition to have him removed from the project. Citing a variety of unsubstantiated allegations against the actor, the petition garnered a great deal of attention on social media.

Fast forward then to the aforementioned MCM Birmingham Comic Con event and during his Q&A on the Sunday of the event, when Vic was asked by a fan about the petition. His full response can be seen below and serves as an important reminder to audiences that the actors behind our favourite characters are real people who deserve our respect.

This is the Photobomb you are looking for…

2014 was the year of the photobomb and so it is no surprise that MCM Comic Con attendees got in on the act. Our favourite from this year has to be this shot from November’s MCM Birmingham Comic Con, featuring a Cinderella cosplayer being photobombed by a Storm Trooper.

MCM Comic Con Moments 2014 Photobomb

Things you should not forget when on stage….

Picture this: your partner has just won a World’s End dartboard at MCM Manchester Comic Con, she sends you up on stage to collect it and the guy on the stage shoves a microphone in your face and starts to ask you questions. Do you: A) Say, “no comment” and walk off B) Confidently answer all questions or C) Forget your partner’s name when asked in front of her and a large audience. Watch below to find out which of these is the correct answer – if you haven’t already guessed it, that is.

Mass Meditation with Greg Cipes

As part of a rather unconventional panel at MCM London Comic Con in May, TMNT and Teen Titans star Greg Cipes invited his audience to join him on stage for a group meditation. As well as waxing philosophical about the benefits of a vegetarian diet and the importance of following your dreams, the barefoot voice actor whipped out his guitar for a good, old-fashioned sing-song, before encouraging attendees to join him in “free[ing] up their minds” from negative thoughts. After a few minutes meditating, participants then began jumping up and down and shouting to help relieve stress, and finally all huddled together for a massive group hug. Those involved all seemed to have a great time, though it must have made an interesting sight for unwitting passers-by!


The Return of the Cosplay Messiah?!

One of the MCM Buzz team’s highlights of 2014 came during the freebie-giving prior to Sunday’s Cosplay Masquerade at October’s MCM London Comic Con. It made for a moment that will live on in our minds for many years to come.

Picture the scene: MCM Comic Con host Stuart Claw is handing out freebies in a darkened MCM Theatre. To better see his audience and more importantly, to avoid tripping over, he asks the hard-working tech crew to bring up the house lights. Nothing happens. Then, out of the blue, a cosplayer dressed as Jesus stands up, raises his hands to the heavens and cries, “Let there be light!” Instantly, the theatre lights come on. Well, we think he was a cosplayer, anyway…

DSC06311 (3)

Well, there you have it – these are just a few of our favourite moments from the past 12 months of MCM Comic Con events. If you have any of your own you’d like to share, then why not post them in the comments below, or send them to us on Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #MyMCM.

Manchester MCM Comic Con video courtesy of AffieFilms2

Images courtesy of J Po Cosplay for MCM Buzz, Claire Courtney, Shalimar Sahota and Caitlin Jenkins.

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