#SaveAlice! Classic Alice Crowdfunder Starts Tomorrow


A few weeks ago, MCM Buzz reviewed Classic Alice, an innovative, multiplatform web series detailing the misadventures of English literature student Alice Rackham. As the current series draws to a close, the talented team behind it are looking for your help to keep the show going: an Indiegogo campaign will launch tomorrow seeking to raise funds for a new series.

Set at the prestigious Valeton University, Classic Alice begins when its title character (played by creator Kate Hackett) unexpectedly receives a B- grade on a poetry essay. With her peerless work ethic and scrupulous attention to detail, Alice has always been a straight-A student, but in this case, it’s her excessive devotion to her studies that’s the source of the problem. Comments from her professor highlight a lack of emotional engagement with the text, describing her analysis “sterile”, however meticulous. Determined to prove herself, Alice embarks on a project to live life by her books, copying the passionate and impulsive behaviour of literary characters.


The story unfolds across YouTube videos, tweets, images, Soundcloud podcasts and more. Over the course of the series, Alice takes on a diverse array of texts ranging from Crime and Punishment to The Wind in the Willows, with each attempt to make life mirror art resulting in hugely entertaining and often disastrous consequences.

Helping out along the way are Alice’s room mate Cara (Elise Cantu), her cousin Reagan (Reid Cox) and her best friend, Andrew Prichard (Tony Noto), a film student documenting her progress for his own final year project. Tension and chemistry between the characters grows as the series evolves, building towards a big cliffhanger at the end of the most recent YouTube episode.

Plans for another series are now underway, but in order to start filming it, the Classic Alice team are raising money via a crowdfunding campaign that will launch tomorrow on Indiegogo. To find out more about the show and to help #SaveAlice, visit the Classic Alice website now, or check out the Indiegogo page from tomorrow. If you’ve still yet to catch up with the series, you can also watch all the YouTube episodes here, and listen to Alice and Prichard’s Pens vs Lens podcasts here.

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