Teaser for new Ghost in the Shell animated movie

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A teaser has emerged for a new animated Ghost in the Shell feature film from Production I.G.

Commemorating 25 years of Masamune Shirow manga, the film is set to be released in Japan later this summer. The teaser is but a mere 30 seconds, with no dialogue and no plot elements. However, given the talent involved there is speculation that it could be a continuation of the Arise series. The official site explains that secrets behind Public Security Section 9 and Major Motoko Kusanagi will finally be revealed.

The teaser does offer a glimpse of Kusanagi running towards a building, as well as standing amongst what could potentially be multiple Kusanagi clones (it makes an effort to pull back and show that there are a lot of them).

Anime News Network have offered a translation of the titles cards:

The legendary science-fiction work that caused a revolution around the world.

Original Work – Masamune Shirow

A work in celebration of 25 years

The awakened ghost whispers…

Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie

Opens in early summer 2015

Kazuchika Kise is credited as the general director and character designer, having worked as a key animator on the previous Ghost in the Shell movies and as a director on the series Ghost in the Shell: Arise. The screenplay is by Tow Ubukata (of Mardock Scramble), with music by Cornelius. Directing duties are being handed to Kazuya Nomura (of Robotics;Notes), with Toru Okubo as the animation director.


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