Club Nintendo to close in September 2015

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Club Nintendo has offered its fans a wonderful rewards service for the last seven years, allowing players to redeem codes from their Nintendo products and exchange their stars for all kinds of goodies, yet it has been announced that in September the beloved scheme will be discontinued and replaced. Nintendo has confirmed they have plans to launch a new rewards service which will launch “later this year”.

What does this mean for all you existing Club Nintendo members out there? You need to spend all of your stars by the 30th of September 2015 or they will no longer be of use. Now is the time to get that plush Mario hat you’ve always wanted! Other dates to keep in mind are the 1st of April, when Nintendo will no longer include Club Nintendo registration cards in its games, and the 20th of April when digital products will no longer become registered by the reward scheme. Players who sign up to the new service will be given a digital copy of Flipnote Studio 3D to let their creative juices flow.

Whilst the reasoning behind the change is unclear, perhaps it is an early step in Nintendo’s plans for the future. Celebrated Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto told the Associated Press in December that “Nintendo as a whole has groups working on ideas for new hardware systems. While we’re busy working on software for the Wii U, we have production lines that are working on ideas for what the next system might be.”


Nintendo’s new rewards service will launch later this year.


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