Out of the Past: Marvel’s New Once Upon A Time Graphic Novel

out of the past coverMarvel has revealed plans to publish a new graphic novel based on the hit ABC series Once Upon A Time, following the successful 2013 release of its Once Upon a Time: The Shadow of the Queen.

An innovative reimagining of classic fairy tales, the series centres around a small town in Maine called Storybrooke, whose residents are really fairy-tale characters, cursed to live in a land without magic by the evil Queen Regina. Previously broadcast on Channel 5, the show was cancelled in the UK after just two seasons, and so far there are still no plans to renew it. Fortunately, the show has continued in the US, and UK viewers have since been able to keep up-to-date with the series with later DVD releases. Marvel’s forthcoming comic will offer fans around the world another exciting way of engaging with the franchise.

Within the show, all of the characters have interesting backstories which are touched on in regular flashbacks throughout the series. Titled Once Upon A Time: Out of the Past, the graphic novel will focus on the origins of five fan favourites, serving as a continuation of the previous graphic novel. Where Shadow of the Queen provided insights into the early relationship between Queen Regina and the Huntsman, Graham, authors Kalinda Vazquez and Corinna Bechko have revealed that Out of the Past will explore the stories of Captain Hook and The Mad Hatter as well as the romance between Rumpelstiltskin and Belle in alternating chapters.

With Regina’s character becoming ever more heroic in the TV show, a trip back to the Enchanted Forest will be a great way for fans of her evil side to get back in touch with the character. This will be a story distinct from Shadow of the Queen and from the flashbacks in the series, so should help viewers get a better sense of her character as Season 4b begins.

Revisiting the dynamic between Rumpelstiltskin and Belle should be quite interesting given the cliff-hanger at the end of Season 4a. It may also offer viewers a better opportunity to see exactly how this unlikely pair fell for each other. Their story is hardly conventional: Belle falling for the untameable dark one while enslaved to him certainly leaves much to be desired. Perhaps this latest edition will shed more light on their relationship and give those still grieving about the latest episode something to hold on to.

Shadow of the queen coverAnd of course, how could they leave out Storybrooke’s own ‘dashing rapscallion’; Captain Hook (otherwise known as Killian Jones)? Though his backstory has been touched on a little in Seasons 2 and 3, his many fans will now have a new way to experience his adventures aboard the Jolly Roger, before his iconic hook made an appearance. His new cosy home in Storybrooke often seems too good to be true and to those of his followers who miss his more adventurous side, this may provide a breath of fresh air.

Perhaps the most interesting choice out of the five is Jefferson the Mad Hatter. The decision to illustrate his story has caused some excitement, as many viewers have felt his character has been somewhat neglected since Season 2 and so will be glad to finally have some answers to the many questions left unanswered in the series. There’s some speculation as to whether or not Jefferson’s daughter, Grace, and perhaps even Grace’s mysterious mother, may also make an appearance.

The story was plotted by co-executive producer of the show Kalinda Vazquez and written by returning author Corinna Bechko. The graphic novel will feature the artwork of Janet Lee, Betsy Peterschmidt, Pascal Campion, Vanessa Del Rey and Stacey Lee. As a hardback edition, it will be available to purchase on the first of April, 2015.


Season 4b of the show will also be returning to screens in the U.S. on the first of March, 2015.

Source: Forbidden Planet | Comic Book

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