First trailer for Josh Trank’s The Fantastic Four (2015)

fantastic_four_2015_posterAt last, finally, we have a trailer for the new Fantastic Four reboot!

It was inevitable seeing as the Internet has been getting pictures and concept art from Josh Trank’s film in the last few days, and some quotes from the director citing body-horror director David Cronenberg certainly inspired curiosity in what the actual film will be like. But now a trailer has appeared online! Which you can watch for yourselves after the jump.

What did you think? Was the wait worth it?

It doesn’t exactly do anything new by way of teaser trailers, especially those of the comic book movie variety. There’s the mysterious voiceover, the subtle music, glimpses, but no real money shots. Was it worth the creative team behind the movie waiting this long to drop a trailer and information on us?

In some ways it at least appears smaller than some of those bigger comic book movies that come to mind, but there’s still scope there. Yes, we’re getting another origin, but it’s in relatively good hands. Josh Trank did a fantastic (no pun intended) job adapting Max Landis’ script for Chronicle into yet another small-vision film that hit a broad scope, and here it seems as though he’s certainly using that Fox budget well.

Plus that cast is still great, no matter what. Certainly doesn’t feel too much of a retread of the comic book movies we’ve already had in that universe. Unlike a certain web-head…

As teasers go, discussion is still more speculation than anything else. The snippets we get of each character and their fate in the movie’s disequilibrium garner attention. The second of The Thing that we see certainly has this writer’s interest piqued.

Time will tell on whether it’s actually going to be worth going out to watch. Faith is still out there, but waiting this long for a trailer and any other real info is a tiny bit concerning. It’s not exactly J.J. Abrams’ Mystery Box.

The Fantastic Four is slated for a 6th August 2015 release in the UK and stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell. Josh Trank directs, while Simon Kinberg wrote the screenplay.

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