Giant robots keep humans confined in Robot Overlords trailer

Robot Overlords quad poster

Signature Entertainment has released a trailer and UK poster for the upcoming British sci-fi film Robot Overlords, which stars Ben Kingsley, Gillian Anderson and Callan Mc Auliffe.

After losing a war with robots, humans are left confined to their homes and implanted with a tracking system so that the robots can keep an eye on everyone. Should anyone step outside it could result in being killed by a huge Sentry. However, amid the ruins a small group of kids led by Sean Flynn (Auliffe) have found a way to temporarily power down their implants. They then start a human resistance.

Directed by Jon Wright, he claims that the idea for the film came to him in a dream where he was incarcerated in his house while robots patrolled the street. Shot in Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man, the trailer presents a mix of Transformers, Falling Skies and The Goonies.

Robot Overlords opens in the UK on 27 March 2015.

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