Ghost Town artist Alister Dippner recreates Studio Ghibli Scenes


Within the Japanese music scene it’s hard to go a day without ONE OK ROCK being mentioned. With their tour for 2014 finishing in December in London, their opening act was the US rock band Ghost Town. After stumbling across Ghost Town and their music, what really caught my eye was their cover art for their albums by the artist Alister Dippner. From mummys, witches, demons, gore and mystification all mixed with quirky comic book-esque styling, Alister brings to life the characters that Ghost Town sing about, with a very westernised style of animation.

But things get really good when you go onto his Instagram and see that he has been creating his own versions of anime characters, such as Mojo Jojo from the Powerpuff Girls, R2-D2 and C-3PO from Star Wars, or something a little more cuddly such as Stitch from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. These paintings are surrounded by his own creations, including art pieces he has created exclusively for Ghost Town to use as album art. There is a whole new level to his art when he takes his brush and begins to give the amazing characters designed by Hayao Miyazaki at Studio Ghibli a whole new look.

It starts from the classic widely loved animated movie My Neighbour Totoro, capturing the crazy, spooky yet endearing characteristics of the Cat Bus he brings a whole new life to the character. He then begins to show an interest for the main man himself, Totoro, picking a key scene of the big loveable spirit cat perched upon a spinning top, using a mixture of materials to create his masterpiece.

With Spirited Away being a personal favourite animated movie, Alister continues to draw and paint the film’s characters Haku, Chihiro and No Face, with an energetic vibe that is a nod of the head towards the artistic flare that Studio Ghibli is renowned for.

Other Ghibli inspired art pieces include his realistic and enthralling portrait of Mononoke from the nature inspired movie Princess Mononoke and his most recent interpretation of Howl’s Moving Castle, which features all of your favourite main and side characters around the castle itself. Within each video you get a sense of design as well as a feel of the artist’s intentions of not wanting to copy out right, but to pay homage to the classic characters, designs and art created by Studio Ghibli.

If you have enjoyed watching these videos and would like to see more of Alister’s work, be sure to pop over to his YouTube channel, Tumblr or check out his store. It would be nice to see more Ghibli inspired artwork, or maybe an artist’s perception of Sailor Moon, but who would you like to see portrayed by Alister? Leave a comment below!

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