Spyair prove they are the “Best” with UK album release


Spyair have released their first ever best-of album titled BEST, a collection of 14 singles that have previously been released within Japan and became a huge hit with music lovers worldwide. It also features two brand new songs which are lined up to rock your socks off. The group released their new album in the UK under JPURecords, which makes for the first time the songs have become available outside of Japan.

Spyair are known throughout the world for their involvement with the opening and ending theme songs to anime, such as their first single Liar which was featured on the series Hammer Session back in 2010, all the way to Imagination which was the featured opening song for the anime Haikyuu in 2014.

The group have only recently opened their YouTube channel to people outside of Japan for the first time, and have already managed to achieve over 28 million combined views on their videos, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with.

The new album comes in a Regular Edition which features all of the songs, Limited Edition A that holds all of the videos of the band’s major-label singles, and a Limited Edition B which comes with a bonus CD featuring the band’s live performances and recordings. The structure of the album allows for some great listening with the flow of the songs allowing you to form a story, especially when you reach the track Niji with its contrasting soft sounds of Ike’s vocals with the heavy instrumental playing of guitar and bass by UZ and Momiken and the controlled drumming by Kenta. The songs are very easy to get into and bring back some great memories of old anime and TV series, which we all loved to watch. Each song has its own individual style and the new songs on the album compliment the album completely.


“BEST” Tracklisting
01: Glory
02: Imagination (“Haikyuu” Opening Song)
03: Just One Life (“Samurai Flamenco” Theme Song)
04: Genjyou Destruction (“Gintama: The movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya ” Theme Song)
05: Niji (“Sennyu Tantei Tokage” Theme Song)
06. Sakura Mitsutsuki (“Gintama” 13th Opening Song)
07. WENDY ~It’s You~ 
08. Naked 
09. 0 GAME (The Amazing Spider-Man Theme Song)
10. My World (“Gundam Age” 2nd Ending Song)
11. BEAUTIFUL DAYS (“Don Quixote” Theme Song)
12. Samurai Heart: Some Like It Hot!! (“Gintama” 17th Ending Song)
13. Japanication
14. Last Moment (“Bleach” 25th Ending Song)
15. LIAR (“Hammer Session” Theme Song)
16. Anokoro bokurawa onajimiraiwo

Be sure to show Spyair some support by checking out their newest release Rockin’ Out in the video below, and if you would like to own the whole “Best” album then you can download your own copy from iTunesAmazon MP3or you can order the CD at JPU Records ShopAmazon.co.uk.

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