Brighton Great Escape Festival’s “JAPAN RISING” Feat: Passepied, Moumoon & Yosi Horikawa


The up and coming acts of Japan are always a hot topic due to their varying genres and diverse outlooks to the entertainment industry. From comedy acts, cute Lolita girl groups, and the astounding Visual Kei scene, you’re guaranteed to find something to whet your appetite. But no matter how accustomed you are to Japanese acts over the world wide web, imagine being one of those acts and performing at an event in a small seaside town in a foreign country over a three day period along with 400 other acts.

The Great Escape Festival will be held in Brighton over the 14th – 16th May. The event is known for being “Europe’s leading festival for new music”, where anyone who has something a little alternative to offer, pubs, hotels and places with a sense of humour open their doors for new music, food and drink.

For PASSEPIED the festival is going to be an experience of a lifetime as they have never ventured outside of Japan. Known for being label mates of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu they have gained a steady amount of followers even though they have never revealed their true identities in their videos or photos. If you are intrigued by the faces behind the amazing music, then you must visit them at their live gigs. Their latest single “Tokinowa” is set to be used in the anime RIN-NE, but for now be sure to check out their lyric video for their release Matatabistep which features some great drumming by Yao Takuya, keyboard bashing from Narita Haneda, guitar and bass works by Misawa Masahiro and Tsuyuzaki Yoshikuni whilst being accompanied by the sweet voice of vocalist Oogoda Natsuki, all of whom are showcasing their impressionistic styled music with the pop rock genre of modern days.

Moumoon are dab hands at touring as the duo were invited to the Tokyo Crazy Kawaii event in Paris to perform alongside Spyair and Anna Tsuchiya back in 2013. Although it was one of their first times performing overseas, it seems to have had a great impact on vocalist and lyricist Yuka and composer Kosuke Masaki, as they gear up to perform as headliners for two Parisian events ahead of the one in Brighton. One thing each of the Japanese performers have in common is their involvement within the anime scene and Moumoon is no different, with the use of their song Memories being used as the ending of the One Piece Special Episode Of Merry, and the use of Wildchild as the third ending for Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. The latest release from Moumoon titled Hello, Shooting-Star has been snapped up and used for the anime series Assassination Classroom, a new series that is based on the manga of the same name which revolves around an alien teacher declaring that he will destroy the Earth, but offers the students taking his assassination lessons the opportunity to try and kill him. Check out the song in the video below.

Lastly there is the ever talented Yosi Horikawa who has already made an impact within the British music world by being one of the first Japanese artists to be signed to British hip-hop label First Word Records, even though he is not a hip-hop musician. The producer is an artist who uses experimental electronic music that is created by the sounds of every day life or nature, from cities, people skipping and even the sound of items being dropped onto the floor. He interweaves the sounds to produce a soothing yet electrical piece of music that sends shivers down your spine. He has even had songs played on BBC Radio 1. Be sure to check out a personal favourite titled Wandering, in which Yosi Harokawa wanders around a wood recording the sounds he hears, mixing it with some amazing drum work and electrical tones, producing a piece of music that sends you to another world.

PASSEPIED, Moumoon and Yosi Horikawa will be performing at The Great Escape in Brighton on Saturday 16 May as part of the JAPAN RISING Showcase, taking place between 12-4pm at Queens Hotel. They will also be performing individually throughout the three days of the festival. However, if you cannot wait, Moumoon and PASSEPIED will also be perform a special warm-up show in London at The Pipeline on Wednesday 13 May.

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