Exclusive interview with Japanese rock band SCANDAL


The ever growing success of the Japanese girl band SCANDAL has seen them not only release an album in the UK under JPU Records, but also setting out on a world tour that includes Paris and London. With all the hustle and bustle going on members Haruna, Mami, Tomomi and Rina took a moment of their time and answered some questions we had to ask.

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Who  is SCANDAL? Could you introduce yourselves?

SCANDAL: We formed in Osaka in 2006 as a four member girl band with Haruna as guitarist, Mami as guitarist, Tomomi as bass and Rina as drummer. We all provide the vocals for our music.


When you formed back in 2006 and played live performances on the streets, what was the one thing you learnt whilst performing for people who walked by?

HARUNA: It was so much fun! We had a small audience and of course there were difficulties, but we really enjoyed the fact that the four of us could perform on different stages.


You have performed at anime conventions in America, France and Hong Kong, as well as providing the opening and ending songs to many anime. Do you get the time to watch any recent anime?

MAMI: I like both manga and anime, but recently I have been reading Attack On Titan. It’s amazing that Japanese culture is loved all over the world.


What are your feelings about Asian music and movies having such a huge impact on the western world?

TOMOMI: It is truly overwhelming that beyond the sea, over cultural differences and language barriers we are loved by many people. We are really blessed. If we can share the same feelings we feel in our music then I feel we can share more things culturally.


Your band are very unique within the rock scene in Japan, but how would you explain the music you provide to someone who might be listening to you for the first time?

RINA: We were students when we debuted so some of our fans may still have that image in their head. But now we are all grown up, naturally we write songs that we feel in reality about our lives. Unlike other bands we all join in to write our lyrics and to sing as well. Myself and the members always put our full effort into our music and visuals to become an enjoyable band.


Collaborations are a huge thing within the music industry and I’m sure there are lots of rock bands world wide who would like to work with SCANDAL. But who would you like to collaborate with in the near future?

MAMI: Foo Fighters – I am a very big fan of them! I would love to be on the same stage with them at a music festival one day.


With your tour looming closer each day do you plan on visiting any landmarks in Paris or London? What is your favourite memory of travelling?

RINA: Singing a song in a bus whilst driving through Avenue Des Champ-Elysees, and seeing that the Eiffel Tower was way bigger than I had imagined, as well as beautiful. I love Europe because it’s so stylish and a very nice place. We are going to have a day off in London so I want to have a look around the local shops and town.


Fans all over the world react differently due to different cultures. Do you have any fans that you remember?

HARUNA: I love the active and energetic fans abroad. I can never forget our first live event abroad in New York.


Fashion is a huge part of expressing your personality as an individual and as a group. Do you have a certain style that you like to dress in?

TOMOMI: I recently bought a coat from ‘Chloé’ which I like a lot.


If you could say a few words to your fans, and readers of MCM Buzz what would you like to say?

MAMI: We are so happy that we could have our first ever concert in London and meet our fans there. Thank you so much!

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So there you have it, SCANDAL seem really excited to be touring Europe, and hopefully you’re all excited to see them. Remember that you can find out more information about their tour on B7Klan’s FacebookTwitter and Website.

Thank you to Jiyeon Park and Ksara for translations.

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