Colm Meaney confirmed for MCM Birmingham Comic Con

colmmeaneyIrish actor Colm Meaney is the latest guest to be confirmed for this spring’s MCM Birmingham Comic Con. Currently starring in AMC’s historical drama Hell on Wheels, Meaney will also be known to many con-goers as Star Trek‘s Miles O’Brien and the Cowen, the leader of the Genii in Stargate Atlantis.

Based on real-life people and events, Hell on Wheels is a Western-style drama charting the building of the First Transcontinental Railroad across the United States during the 19th century. With industrial growth taking place against a historical backdrop of slavery, civil war, racism and genocide, however, its not long before dark and disturbing themes begin to surface. Meaney plays businessman Thomas “Doc” Durant, a railroad investor pursuing a “mad, noble quest” to expand the Union Pacific Railroad westward and make his fortune.

Appearing in an impressive total of 225 episodes, Colm Meaney’s Star Trek character Miles O’Brien is the franchise’s second most frequently recurring character after Michael Dorn’s Lieutenant Worf. A regular in both The Next Generation and Deep Space 9, O’Brien is a likeable, down-to-earth ensign with an apparent dislike of titles and decoration. Beginning as the Enterprise’s Battle Bridge Flight Controller, O’Brien rises through the ranks on his wits, quickly becoming the ship’s Transporter Chief before transferring to Deep Space 9 as Chief of Operations. Both a war hero and an experienced, well-respected engineer, O’Brien serves aboard half a dozen starships, participates in 232 combat engagements and is decorated by Starfleet on 15 occasions before finally settling down into a teaching post back on Earth. As Star Trek‘s only major Irish-born character, the history and folk culture of O’Brien’s homeland play an important part in his development over the course of the two series he appears in. In various episodes, he traces his ancestry from both Sean Aloysius O’Brien, a 19th-century coal mine worker and strike leader, and 11th century king Brian Boru.

Elsewhere, Irish history and culture have played an important part in many of Meaney’s film and TV roles, including his Golden Globe-nominated performance as Des Curley in the film adaptations of Roddy Doyle’s Barrytown Trilogy. 

Meaney’s diverse filmography encompasses the likes of Con Air (DEA Agent Duncan Malloy), Layer Cake (Gene), The Damned United (Don Revie) and Get Him to the Greek (Jonathan Snow), while his other regular TV roles have included Inspector Brackenreid in The Murdoch Mysteries and Bob O’Donnell in Men in Trees. He has also guest voiced characters in The Simpsons (Tom O’Flanagan, “In the Name of the Grandfather”) and Gargoyles (Mr Dugan in “The Hound of Ulster”).

Meaney will be answering your questions in panels at the MCM Birmingham theatre on both Saturday and Sunday. Autographs and photographs will cost £20.

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