First Look: Are you prepared for the ‘Attack On Titan’ movie? UPDATED


UPDATE – The teaser trailer itself has now made its way online. Click play to take a look. The original article follows below.

Posted on Dobre Namin‘s YouTube channel was an update on the very quiet progress of the Attack on Titan movie from a Japanese morning show. Directed by Shinji Higuchi, there will be two films set for release later this year. However, no footage had been seen… until now.

In the video a panel of MC’s watch what appears to be a teaser trailer, with happy and slightly shocked facial expressions. Although not a lot was shown, there was enough to show that the story was being taken into consideration. Live action adaptations in the past have been criticised for not following the story, over elaborating characters or generally missing the bigger points and directions within their favourite series, but if this small clip is anything to go by, even the harshest of critics will have a hard job ripping this adaptation apart. The mixture of computer effects, prosthetics and some stellar acting from the star studded cast is sure to bring a new generation of fans to the franchise.

Attack on Titan started as an illustrated mini series in the Japanese magazine Bessatsu Shōnen and was the creation of Hajime Isayama back in 2009. Skip forward to 2011 where it was then turned into a manga collection and then one more time to 2013 where it then became an animation. At this point for any creator of a project, seeing your ideas coming to life in multiple forms is fantastic news. But when the series took fans by storm all over the world it was realised this was no ordinary series and that it had become a franchise that could grow by one more step – the creation of a live action movie.

If a live action movie wasn’t big enough, an idea from MCMBuzz’s resident artist Claire Courtney suggested an Attack On Titan crossover with Disney with her poster image. There was an actual crossover when it was announced that Attack On Titan would be crossing over with Marvel in a special set of stories.

The first live-action Attack on Titan movie is set to open in Japan in August. If you can’t wait for the movie to come out, maybe looking at the Subaru advert that was also directed by Higuchi will give you a bit more insight when it comes to what we can expect.

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