Earth’s Punkiest Heroes – Artist Butcher Billy reimagines iconic musicians as Marvel superheroes


Alter-egos, ridiculous costumes and legions of fans – maybe musicians are superheroes.

In All-New Superpowered Post-Punk Marvels, Brazilian illustrator Butcher Billy captures the superhero status of post-punk and new wave musicians. Blending post-punk with pop-culture, these music artists are given the superhero treatment in Marvel-style comic book covers with lyrics from their most famous songs as headlines.

This series is a sequel to Billy’s 2013 hit series of The Post-Punk/New Wave Super Friends, where he squeezed iconic musicians into the Lycra of DC Comics superheroes.

Describing himself as a “child of the 80s”, Billy‘s work is strongly influenced by the music and Saturday morning cartoons of the era. Speaking to Mashable, he said:

Marvel characters are a bit more fragile because under the spandex and superpowers, they’re mostly real people struggling with real life issues. Their troubles are always quite personal, and I find these concepts very relatable.

Here are my favourites from the All-New Superpowered Post-Punk Marvels series:


Gary Numan as Vision


Robert Smith from The Cure as Nightcrawler


Siouxsie from Siouxsie and the Banshees as Scarlet Witch

For more of the series and Butcher Billy‘s art, check out his Behance page. You can also follow him on Twitter and Tumblr.

Source: Laughing Squid, Mashable

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