Voices Everywhere: Quinton Flynn at MCM Birmingham Comic Con

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Quinton Flynn, the man behind many voices such as Raiden in the Metal Gear videogame series and Axel in Kindgom Hearts II made an appearance at MCM Birmingham Comic Con to discuss his many voiceover roles and to answer some questions from his fans.

After a warm welcome, Quinton kicked things off by discussing how he felt knowing that nearly all of his voiceover work was heard on a global level by so many people.

“It feels surreal,” he said. “It’s amazing because when I started doing this work I never imagined there would be conventions like this and that I’d be sitting here today.”

The voice actor then confirmed that he’d been doing voiceover work for 24 years and that he had no plans to stop.

He was then asked how he deals with stability with all the continuous work he receives. Quinton revealed that it’s something he gets used to.

“It’s a freelance position. When you’re an actor, your job is to audition five days a week and then we can book the gigs, that’s the gravy.”

He then talked about how he got started with his many impressions and how he discovered he had the ability to mimic any character or any person.

“I don’t know,” Quinton admitted. “I do remember when I was eight years old my friend and I would make lists of these impressions and we would just constantly do them. Nobody told us we couldn’t, so we did.”

Quinton Flynn MCM BirminghamIMG_0589He then showed the audience some of the first ever impressions he ever did: Paul McCartney and Ozzy Osbourne. They were very good impressions and each one was well received by the audience.

Quinton revealed that he started voice acting at a very young age.

“I did plays at high school and just after college I noticed an ad that read Voice Acting for Commercials and I thought that I might as well try it. So I took a voiceover commercial workshop where I received additional skills to voice acting.”

Asked how he prepares for a voiceover role, Quinton’s answer was short but informative.

“It’s just try and get into the person,” he said. “Like I did with Ozzy.” He also joked that he prepares with water, lemon tea, whisky and cigarettes.

The topic of Quinton’s prank call to David Hayter (Snake from Metal Gear) then came up and Quinton was happy to discuss it.

“I used a British voice,” he recalled. “I was also around a gentleman named Nick Richards who was in a band called Boys Don’t Cry in the late 80s. When we hung out, I talked to Nick properly and he thought that I was from his neck of the woods.”

He then revealed that the girl he fancied at the time thought so too, so he had to keep up the accent all night long. Quinton was then asked how he came up with the infamous voice for Kon in the anime Bleach.

“I barely remember the audition, but at the end of of the day it’s all about playing with your voice. Have fun, just let loose, it’s all good.”

Quinton then shared that no one should let any upcoming actor or voice actor restrict their imagination.

It was then time for the fans to ask their questions. One fan wanted to know Quinton’s favourite part about the infamous yaoi song from the Adventures in Anime YouTube panel that he co-wrote with his friend Jeff Nimoy.

Firstly he told the hilarious story of how the song was written and then revealed that his favourite line from the song was the opening line:

“Walked in the yaoi room and saw something obscene / 300 hot, young girls were staring at the screen / Naked, animated men engaging in foreplay / And they assumed that kind of scene applied to Q and J… but we’re not gay!”

A fan then asked what Quinton’s favourite lines he’s had to act are. He agreed with the fan’s answer that Raiden’s line, “I am lightning. The rain transformed. Now it’s time for Jack to let her rip!” was one of his favourites.

In terms of his favourite characters, Quinton said that while not 100% sure of the answer, he does really enjoy Axel from Kingdom Hearts and Reno from Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

“I like both of those characters, because they’re both close to me,” he joked.

A fan then asked about the rumours of a Twisted Metal movie and if the voice actor would consider returning to voice Carl Roberts. Quinton admitted that he didn’t know about the rumours, but insisted that he would return in a heartbeat to the franchise.

He was then asked if there were any characters he has struggled with in terms of performance.

“Truthfully, I don’t watch my work, but when I do…. I’m thrilled,” he joked. “The fans know my work better than me.”

One fan asked about the evolution of the Raiden character from Metal Gear.

Quinton Flynn MCM BirminghamIMG_0594“We started in 2002. The character was a rookie and the director directed me in the way in which they wanted the character to go. I played the character Jonny Quest from The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and the director of Metal Gear asked me to bring the youth of Jonny when auditioning, but more closer to my voice.”

He then went on to say that he had to re-audition when the character was turned into a ninja “who went through Hell and back,” adding that “the character has been on a huge progression, but it’s not been my doing in the performance.”

A fan then wanted to know which franchise Quinton enjoyed voice acting in the most: Kingdom Hearts, Mass Effect or Metal Gear Solid.

Quinton immediately asked the fan what his favourite franchise was. They replied that is was Kingdom Hearts.

“That’s my favourite, next question,” Quinton replied.

After the laughter had died down Quinton was then asked what he thought about David Hayter being replaced by Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland in the role of Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and if David would play the role of Snake again.

“I don’t know why they did that,” he admitted. “Creative differences maybe, I’m honestly not sure. I see no reason for Kiefer to become Snake.”

Despite this, Quinton still praised Kiefer stating that “he’s great.”

And with that, the discussion drew to a close as Quinton thanked his fans for their questions.


Photos by J-Po.

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