Arthur Darvill’s latest Time Traveller role in the Arrow/Flash spin-off

Arthur Darvill

Arthur Darvill was once one of our favourite Time Lord’s companions, and now he’s set to take the role of another time travelling hero in the form of Rip Hunter, Time Master. Darvill will be taking up the mantle of DC Comics’ time travelling badass for the upcoming ArrowFlash spin-off airing on the CW Network.

Rip Hunter is a roguish time traveller who’s job it is to fix the past when things go awry, and his adventures throughout the chronoscape have seen him in a variety of crazy situations. Doesn’t sound too far off from his escapades as Rory Williams whilst galavanting around the universe with a certain other famous time traveller.

The unnamed Arrow Flash spin-off is still in the early stages, and only the cast is still growing. It was recently confirmed that Ciara Renée will be debuting Hawkgirl to live action television, and several recurring characters on both Arrow and The Flash will also be joining the cast.

Source Deadline

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