Young Avengers Europe assemble!

Will you answer the Marvel cosplay call up? 

“We’ve started a group called Young Avengers Europe to build a network for all the Marvel cosplayers throughout Europe and we need every help we can get to reach this goal!” says Phil Schwender when he speaks to MyM. “We already have a Dutch and a German unit, while the UK unit is in the making. We want to create something big and make friends from all the other beautiful countries.”

Young Avengers Europe

Beginning life as the Young Avengers Germany Facebook group, this collection of Marvel fans talked about the company’s comics and movies, before realising that they also shared a love of cosplay. However, being in separate towns and with very few local people sharing their hobby, Schwender says they were “very lonely”. “Most of us had nobody to connect with, so we decided to found the team,” he remembers. “After a while, we thought that it would also be nice to see conventions in other countries and to learn from other cosplayers in other countries. So we changed the name from Young Avengers Germany to Young Avengers Europe and started the search for like-minded people throughout the continent.”

The group hopes to reach countries such as Italy, France, Poland, Switzerland, Austria and more. While the emphasis is currently on fun and community (“our group makes it easier to plan large photo shoots with many cosplayers and perhaps even to carry out flash mobs and other promotions”), it also plans to add charity to its works in the future. If you’d like to answer the call, find out more at the group’s Facebook page.

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