Producer Ryo Mito talks Saint Seiya: Soldier’s Soul

The newly announced Saint Seiya: Soldier’s Soul is coming to PS4, PS3 and Steam this fall, and it’s already confirmed for Europe… 

The announcement comes shortly after a new anime, called Saint Seiya: Soul Of Gold, has begun airing in Japan.

There isn’t much to go on just yet (besides an exceptionally shiny new trailer – see below), so MyM magazine/Buzz writer Sinan Kubba caught up with the game’s producer Ryo Mito to find out more…

We’ve seen very little of the game so far. Can you tell us what we can expect?
Ryo Mito: Saint Seiya: Soldier’s Soul will be released on PS3, PS4 and Steam this fall, worldwide. Using the power of the next-gen on PS4 and Steam the game will be in 1080p and 60 frames per second. It’s going to be an action fighting game.

It’s exciting to get this announcement so early in the west. What drove this more proactive push to localise the games, because for a long time Saint Seiya games weren’t localised?
The last game, Brave Soldiers, was actually really popular internationally, even more than in Japan. A lot of fans in Europe and South America bought the game. Obviously for Soldier’s Soul we’re really concentrating and putting our thoughts towards those fans.

With Soldier’s Soul, what sort of improvements are you trying to make, especially with next-gen systems in mind?
In terms of combat, since the battles are 60 frames per second – at least for the PS4 and Steam versions – players will obviously be able to move the characters and do combos more smoothly. And this time we’ve actually listened to fans, and really improved and enhanced the battle system. Brave Soldiers had a feature called the Light Speed Move. This was a little bit too powerful, and so we worked on the balance of it. And for the Big Bang attacks, a lot of users had trouble hitting the opponent with that attack, so it’s a lot easier to do that now. There are also new battle features which we haven’t been able to announce yet, but we hope the fans will look forward to those further updates.

Have you also made improvements to the visuals?
If you’ve seen the trailer, you can tell there’s a lot of glowing and shining going on, especially with the God Cloth. So we’re putting our efforts into making these effects look as rich as possible.

Saint Seiya Soldiers Soul golden cloth

The story mode was a big part of the previous game. Obviously the game’s name suggests there will be ties to the new anime…
Many characters from the anime, Soul Of Gold, will be appearing in the game. And we will be preparing a new mode, beside the story mode, where players can actually control and play as the new characters from the anime.

There were around 50 characters in total in the previous game. Can we expect a bigger number this time?
Unfortunately I can’t give you a specific number. But obviously the characters and costumes which appeared in Brave Soldiers will be included in the new game. And as we just mentioned, characters from the new anime will be joining them.

Since international sales were so good, will we see any more localisation features?
In terms of voiceovers, since the game was really popular in South America, this time we’ll obviously have the Japanese voices but also neutral Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese as well. In terms of text, in addition to that we have French, Italian, Spanish, of course English and traditional Chinese.

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