Indie Games Stand reveals titles for MCM London Comic Con

MCM London Comic Con LogoAs each year goes by, the world of indie games is growing stronger and stronger and bringing gamers an increasingly wide range of inventive games to play. To celebrate this, the Indie Games Stand (Located at stand 2351) has revealed six titles that will be on display at this month’s MCM London Comic Con.

Lumo's-CatLumo’s Cat

Developer: Team Lumo

Aside from being our benevolent overlords, cats are known for their love of nip, climbing on things and sleeping. Lumo’s cat is one such sleepy moggy – however, the poor feline’s dreams are turning into nightmares filled with evil mice, trumpeting and blaring to try and wake him up. A fast-paced strategy game, Lumo’s Cat sees you control minions inside the cat’s mind, scaring off the noisy mice before they disrupt the feline leader’s cosy nap.


Developer: TerraTech

As a prospector starting out on a procedurally generated exo-planet, TerraTech is a galactic exploration game where you need to build an empire from the ground up. You shape your journey the way you want to, research the technologies you want and ally yourself with various corporations to create a burgeoning fleet in the lawless frontier of space.


Developer: WeeMan Studios

Built for the Nintendo 3DS and available exclusively on the eShop, Lifespeed is the ultimate race for survival. Your planet needs you, in a story mode that has you fly at extreme speeds and battle against other racers, trying to stay alive and upgrade yourself to save the planet. Race and battle tough galactic foes as you barrel through tunnels at high speed. Can you keep a cool head in this high octane fight for survival?

Bertram-FiddleThe Adventures of Bertram Fiddle

Developer: Rumpus Animation

There’s murder afoot in Old London town in this Victorian-style, 2D cartoon point and click adventure, and the only people who can solve this case are Bertram Fiddle and his manservant Gavin. Explore the mysterious streets and murky alleyways and be on the lookout for elusive serial killer Geoff the Murderer in this award-winning and gruesome tale. Check out Episode 1 this weekend and watch out for Episode 2 later this year.


Developer: HeadcastLab

Have you ever wanted to create your own virtual character, bring them to life quickly with animation and voices and share them with friends with ease? Headcaster gives you the chance to be someone else, with its easy-to-use 3D animation system letting you choose from over 40 different interactive characters, from fantasy and sci-fi to modern memes. You can animate, voice and share them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, so be sure to try it out this weekend!

VR Karts

Developer: Viewpoint Games

Virtual Reality is no longer a byword for ridiculous early-’90s nightmares, thanks to the Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus. Viewpoint Games is getting in on the future of interactive entertainment in a very approachable way with VR Karts, a kart racer with bright, vivid race courses built to take advantages of the new generation of VR tech. It’s now available to buy on Steam Early Access, but be sure to check out this accessible arcade racer this weekend. Is this the future of racing games?


So there you have it: a wide variety of interesting games on offer with something to suit most tastes. For more information on MCM London Comic Con and the other attractions available at the weekend visit the website here.

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