Who are the Power Rangers: Dino Charge Rangers? (MCM London Comic Con special)

Power-Rangers-Dino-Charge-RangersAt MCM London Comic Con next weekend, Namco Bandai will introduce the UK to Power Rangers: Dino Charge Rangers. But just who are these new rangers? And what is the series about? MCM Buzz decided to send our very own White Ranger, Stuart Claw, together with his Clawazord, to investigate.

Power Rangers: Dino Charge Rangers is the 22nd Power Rangers series and is based on the Japanese series Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger alongside elements of the Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters series. The plot concerns a group of Power Rangers being formed in order to stop an intergalactic bounty hunter called Sledge and his associates Fury, Wrench, Poisandra and Curio from retrieving the ten “Energems”. The Energems were given to ten dinosaurs for safe-keeping 65,000,000 years ago by an alien entity known as “The Keeper”. Armed with their “Dino chargers”, these five new rangers command a series of dinosaur-themed megazords including a T-rex, a stegosaurus, a velociraptor, a parasaurolophus  and a triceratops.

When the series begins, five of the Energems have already been discovered and have bonded with the spirits of the dinosaurs who were assigned to protect them. When combined with the rangers’ Dino Chargers, they allow the Zords to manifest in their dinosaur forms. The main setting for the series is the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum, located in the fictional town of Amber Beach. This is managed by Kendall Morgan (Claire Blackwelder), a scientist who set up an underground lab below the museum after meeting The Keeper. This lab now serves as the Rangers’ base of operations and is also where some of the Rangers (such as Koda) work.

The Ranger team itself consists of:

  • The Red Ranger: Tyler Navarro (Brennan Mejia) – An 18-year-old man on a mission to find his father, who went missing on an archaeological dig. He believes that the Bounty Hunter’s top lieutenant, Fury, is responsible for this.
  • The Black Ranger: Chase Randall (James Davies) – A young man who is given the Black Energem by an fortune teller after rescuing her cat, Chase is the first of the Rangers to be recruited by Kendall and The Keeper.
  • The Blue Ranger: Koda (Yoshi Sudarso) – One hundred thousand years ago, Koda was living as a caveman, until the fateful day when he found the Blue Energem. While using it to protect his younger brother he became trapped in a glacier. Thanks to the gems’ anti-ageing powers (Olay creams, eat your heart out) he is able to stay young and finds himself recruited as the Blue Ranger. Koda works at the Museums Dino Bites Café as a dish-washer.
  • The Green Ranger: Riley Griffen (Michael Taber) – A former hand on his family ranch, Tyler comes across the Green Energem when his dog is attacked by the aforementioned Fury as he tries to take a rock containing the Energem to him. Once revealed, the Energem turns a pipe Tyler was using to protect his dog into a Dino Saber and the rest, as they say, is history. After this encounter, Tyler leaves his ranch and, thanks to a chance encounter with fellow rangers Tyler and Shelby, he ends up in Amber Beach where he now works as a waiter in the Dino Bites café.
  • The Pink Ranger: Shelby Watkins (Camille Hyde) – Shelby discovers the Pink Energem after sneaking onto one of Kendall Morgan’s digs. Whilst on the dig, she stops a hooded assailant from stealing a crate from the site, an encounter which causes her to bond with the aforementioned Energem and allows her to become the Pink Ranger.

Throughout of the course of the series, other Rangers are said to be appear, meaning that it could feature up to a record ten rangers! There are also hints that a battle between Keeper and Sledge may be tied with the dinosaurs’ extinction…However, that’s all we’re going to say for now: you’ll just have to watch the show if you want to find out more.

As with the other great Power Rangers series of the past, Power Rangers: Dino Charge Rangers features a collection of weird and wonderful monsters for the team to battle against, ranging from Iceage, a winter-themed ice monster, to Scapper, a car crusher character and Stingrage, a virus-themed devil monster – and that’s not even to mention the Vivix, who are this series’ version of the original show’s Putty foot soldiers.

The Power Rangers: Dino Charge Rangers table can be found at Stand 2541 at MCM London Comic Con on Friday 22nd May and Sunday 24th May. As well as an exciting opportunity to meet the Dino Charge Rangers, the first to buy the Power Rangers: Dino Charge Morpher and Dino Megazord will also get a cool t-shirt featuring an EXCLUSIVE design.

If you still haven’t got your tickets for MCM London Comic Con then you can buy them here, bringing you one step closer to getting your hands on these amazing goodies.

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