TOP 5: Things To Remember As A Photographer At MCM London Comic Con


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When you attend an event like the MCM London Comic Con there is an extent to which photographers are expected at the event. Most people are regulars and know the un-spoken rules and regulations concerning taking pictures of cosplayers, celebrities and general con-goers. But for those of you who aren’t in the know, here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction!

No, seriously – it is! It really doesn’t hurt to go up to someone and ask, “Could I have a photo please?” and to wait for the person to give their consent for you to click away. Just because there is a group of people taking pictures, it does not give you the right to jump in and take your own images. In some cases if you ask nice enough the model/cosplayer will even be wiling to do a few poses which would be exclusive just for you. On the same note, pulling your camera out to get a shot of your favourite character as they are about to eat, or chilling with friends with half of their costume on the floor is not a cool thing to do! If you are desperate to get a photo of them, why not give them a business card or ask if they would mind having a small shoot at a later time.


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How many of you have taken photos in the same locations every single time? How many times have you tried to take photos and people have photobombed or walked in front of your models?  Well this is where a little planning needs to come into play. Try to scope out the area a little bit before you dive in and start taking your photos. Be concious of the busiest areas such as the aisles within the events halls and the walkway separating them from the queuing area. Look for locations to the east of the ExCel building – there is a beautiful, red tiled wall as well as a water fountain outside between the ExCel building and the Aloft hotel. It’s also worth considering the waterfront, the paths outside, the green, and the many beautiful areas surrounding the ExCel centre – just be sure not to cause any trouble for the locals.


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You have just found the perfect cosplayer, you’re set up in the perfect location, and you feel you have everything ready – but when you get home and check the images you took, you realise the lighting was terrible! As with location, it’s always good to make sure the lighting is exactly the way you want it. Some photographers bring their own lighting equipment to ensure they have everything they need for the perfect shot, but if you don’t have access to expensive kit, keep an eye on the natural or artificial light around you and think about how to use it best.


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It’s easy to ask a friend to watch your bags, but if something should happen, would you pin the responsibility on the person who was supposed to be watching your gear? Although it is rare for things to be stolen at the event, be aware that you are in a public location in London. It’s always better to only carry the things you need for the day, but if you’re going to need a lot of items, why not keep some of them in the Excel Centre’s storage area, or leave them in the hotel room till you need them? It can get very busy at the convention, so it’s easy to lose track of things, and it’s not uncommon for people to push and barge around, which could potentially damage your camera gear.


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Have you made your list? Have you checked it twice? No you’re not Father Christmas, but you don’t want to arrive for the weekend only to realise you’ve left important items back at home. Chargers, batteries, tripods, lenses, cleaners – the list goes on, and we all have our own individual requirements, but do make sure you have everything you need, along with spares wherever possible. Things can go wrong or change at the event, so make sure you have all the contact details you need and that your group has your number as well. It’s also good to have supplies of a different kind: it can be a hot and busy schedule for a photographer so make sure you have food, drink and painkillers in case the hustle and bustle starts to get to you.


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For a complete list of separate events happening through out the three days be sure to check out the Show Guide online so you can plan your days ahead! If you’re taking photos, don’t forget to tweet your favourites to us @MCMBuzz using the hashtag #mcmLDN15.

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