Three cool things to see on day one of MCM London Comic Con

With MCM London Comic Con now upon us, here are three cool things we found on the show floor for you to go and see when the doors open on Friday.

Say hello to Hello to Kitty

MCM London May15 - Sanrio Europe
In case you hadn’t already guessed from the header, the first cool thing is Sanrio Europe’s Hello Kitty stand (at 1911). From caravans, wigwams, to chairs made of plushies, this stand is a must for fans and those who just want to see some cute and innovative designs.

Everybody loves a bit of Snake!

MCM London May15 - Konami
Thanks to Konami (at 1711), not only do we have a cool a Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain themed motorbike, but eagle eyed fans will also notice some awesome movie poster designs on the wall too. If that wasn’t enough, there is some pretty sweet merchandise on the stand too.

The Skies are falling!MCM London May15 - Falling Skies

Well not literally, as that would be a health and safety hazard, but thanks to Fox (at 1632), not only do we have great Falling Skies guests, but we also have an awesome stand that features some great models and pieces from the show. So if you, like us, are excited about the return of Falling Skies on 30th June, why not head over to this stand and see the likes of Scorch, the life size Espheni, or even a Skitter exploding through a wall.

MCM London Comic Con opens from 9am on Friday 22nd May and runs until Sunday 24th May. Keep checking MCM Buzz for the latest coverage. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter too.

Photos by Paper Cube


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