Exclusive Footage of Batman: Arkham Knight on show at MCM London Comic Con

bak_sshot081.jpgYou might have seen him already since MCM London Comic Con opened its doors for a weekend of thrills, special guests, memorabilia and heaps of coverage from MCM Buzz, but in case you didn’t, the caped crusader himself is here in exclusive footage of Rocksteady Studios’ upcoming blockbuster, Batman: Arkham Knight.

The first thing that strikes players as the initial cutscene begins is how visually stunning this game is. Textures shine as the incredibly realised detail of the environment draws you deeper into the seedy underbelly of Gotham than ever before. The action-packed footage shows a wealth of brand new features and shines a light on gameplay involving the new Batmobile (a life-size replica of which was unveiled at the convention this morning) and the game’s eponymous villain, the Arkham Knight. The scene opens with Batman and Jim Gordon trying to break through the defences of the sinister ACE chemical factory, where Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight are raising an army to terrorise Gotham City. Using the enhanced grapple feature, our cowled criminal-hunter effortlessly scales the factory walls, infiltrates the building and brings the pain for some of Gotham’s thugs. With the fear takedown, Batman can knock out up to three enemies at once using the element of surprise as his most powerful weapon. The next wave are dealt with through environmental takedowns, using hazardous components in his way to deal with the grunts opposing him. Batman’s powerful arsenal cuts through the guards, yet his biggest obstacle comes with the appearance of the sinister Arkham Knight.


Oracle features in the footage, giving Batman guidance, urging him to call in backup. In this case, the Batmobile is all he needs. The player can remotely control the powerful vehicle in its battle mode to destroy enemy drones, knock out enemies with the riot suppressor and unleash hell with the missile barrage. Alternately, you can switch to the pursuit mode to blast ahead with the afterburners and chase down fleeing enemies or travel through Gotham at lightning speeds. The vehicle can also use its winch to alter the environment around it, pulling up tarmac to create ramps or tearing down walls entirely. Following a dogfight against enemy drone tanks on the factory floor, Batman lasts, boosts and battles his way out to fight another day.

You can be the bat this weekend at MCM London Comic Con, where never before seen Batman: Arkham Knight footage is on show at the Warner Bros Games stall. If you’re attending the convention, don’t forget to check out the life-size Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile, too.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC from the 23rd of June.

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