Tyler James Williams engages with fans at The Walking Dead panel at MCM London Comic Con


Making possibly one of the coolest entrances, Tyler James Williams strolled in into the MCM Lower Platinum Suite at MCM London Comic Con and began to hype the audience with his booming voice – much to the enjoyment of the fans.

Even when faced with the technical difficulties of having no microphone, Tyler made himself at home and got straight to the point of entertaining his fans. It was obvious that  the panel would hit hard on his role as Noah from the hit ABC TV show The Walking Dead who ~ Spoiler Alert!!!! recently made his gory departure from the team of zombie hunters. But is everything we see on the screen the same as behind the scenes?

Through questions with fans Tyler revealed that, “A lot of our work on set is edited. When you see blood, sweat and tears, they are usually real due to how hard we work as our characters.” He elaborated on his death scene within the latest season of the show and how it was cut down a lot due to it being too gory for the public to view. “Originally after I got fish hooked by one of the zombies, another zombie took hold of the top of my head and opened me up like a pinata. When the director saw this, he realised we had overstepped a line and needed to cut the footage.”

Although he revealed that he was still contracted to keep quiet about events coming up in the future, he managed to give a little bit away by talking about the effect Noah’s death could have on the character Tara (Alanna Masterson), saying, “She was knocked out cold and still hasn’t learned of Noah’s passing. The fact that she was saved and Noah died will play a key part in events within the next season.”

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When asked how he felt about Noah’s death himself, he gave a big smile whilst explaining that, “Noah’s death had to happen, it represented that season and that area they were in. If Noah didn’t die, then they wouldn’t know that the area wasn’t safe.”

You can check Tyler out in his new role as Russ Montgomery in the TV series Criminal Minds. 

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