Memorable Moments from MCM London Comic Con May 2015


With MCM London Comic Con once again setting records, we here at MCM Buzz decided to take a look back at just a few of the many memorable moments, some you may not have even known about, from this past weekend’s event.

Bats Amazing!
Following a long trip from LA and over four hours to put together, the life size Batmobile based on the design from Batman Arkham Knight was unveiled to attendees by Catwoman aka Poison Cosplays. Throughout the day this stunning replica drew huge gasps from the crowd and was the deserved background of many selfies and pictures. For more information about this stunning replica check out our post here and watch our video of the reveal below.

Batman: Arkham Knight is released on next gen consoles on June 23rd

Mad about Max

As part of the Mad Max panel on Sunday afternoon, fans in attendance were given a chance to appear in a new trailer for the game thanks to director John Fuller. All they had to do was stand on their feet and chant in unison the name of the game’s villian, “Scrotus”. The chant was then recorded and would potentially be used in a forthcoming trailer for the new title. It’s no surprise that those in attendance rose to their feet and delivered a thunderous chant. Following this Fuller, joined by his Avalanche Studios colleague, Marcus Andrews, then went on to do commentary on 14 minutes of unseen gameplay footage before taking questions from the fans.

Click play below to watch a story trailer for the game, which is released on September 4th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The Truth about our Overlords is out there….

In front of a packed Platinum Suite, Gillian Anderson made her long awaited MCM London Comic Con debut to talk about the British sci-fi movie Robot Overlords. Joined by the movie’s director Jon Wright, they discussed everything from the onscreen robots, to working with Sir Ben Kingsley, and of course, inevitably, the forthcoming X-Files series. During one such answer Anderson confirmed that Scully will be having red hair once again. The panel ended with smiles all round when an attendee gifted Anderson with a pair of Funko figures based on Agent Fox Mulder and her character, Agent Dana Scully, which was then followed by a cheeky confession about the effect the actress had on the attendee’s life.


DiNozzo is set to vist LA

Sunday saw the stars of NCIS and its spin-off series, NCIS: Los Angeles, take to the stage to talk about their experiences on the hit franchise. The panel featured Emily Wickersham, Bishop from NCIS, alongside two returning NCIS: Los Angeles stars, Barrett Foa (Eric Beale) and Renée Felice Smith (Nell Jones). Amongst the topics discussed in this lively panel were Foa being part of an a cappella group, which then prompted the panelists to do an impromptu performance. There were also discussions about the need for a special NCIS version of the series Lip Sync Battles, which is hosted by their co-star, LL Cool J. But one thing that left the audience salivating was when Emily Wickersham revealed that her NCIS co-star, Michael Weatherly (Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo), had recently just finished filming a crossover episode with the NCIS: Los Angles team and that it would air as part of NCIS: Los Angles season seven.


All in fair warned!

The second panel of the Friday in MCM Theatre B proved to be a treat for fans of the series Storage Hunters, when auctioneer Sean Kelly made his MCM London Comic Con debut. In a fascinating discussion he talked about how he developed the concept, how he comes up with the quirky names for the characters on the show and how the UK version came into being. There was also a discussion about the weirdest things Sean had found in lockers, such as an actual murder scene complete with body, and a unit that for seven years had been paid just to house a pot of human urine. One of the most exciting parts of the panel came when Sean revealed that the new season of the UK show will include appearances by stars from the US version of the show, T-Money and Jessie.


In true Storage Hunters fashion the panel ended with a treat for those in attendance as Sean conducted a live auction for fans, in which bidders got the chance to win a signed and personalised t-shirt, a personalised video message/answerphone message/call from Sean to a friend and a package that featured both.

Storage Hunters UK returns to Dave on June 2nd and Sean will also be performing a series of UK stand up comedy dates throughout the rest of 2015.

Will you be my Princess?

The MCM London weekend saw plenty of sweet moments, ranging from babies in cosplay to people being wished happy birthday on the various stages. Our next memorable moment revolves around another of life’s big events: marriage.

The Saturday of the event saw a large Disney cosplay photoshoot and our photographer J-Po was on hand to capture the moment when a Cinderella cosplayer, Chelsea-Ann Bicker, was proposed to by her Prince Charming, literally in fact, as her partner, Mark Athos Green, was cosplaying as Prince Charming. See below for the image and on behalf of MCM Buzz we wish this happy couple best wishes and a long happy future together.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. help make an attendees DAY!

Picture this. You attend MCM Comic Con with your girlfriend, you get the last ticket for the Felicia Day photoshoot and decide to keep it for yourself. Understandably your girlfriend is going to be upset. Enter Nick Blood and Iain de Caestecker, who after finding out about this decided to help her, inviting the attendee up for a picture with them there and then. But they also spoke to Felicia Day and helped secure a personalised photo for her, giving this lucky young lady an MCM moment to treasure. It just goes to show that these agents are heroes off camera too. Don’t forget, if you missed the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel on Sunday, or just want to re-live this amusing 45 minutes, then you can watch it by clicking play below.

Well there you have it, just a few of the many memorable moments of MCM London Comic Con. If you have a memorable moment then why not tweet us @MCMBuzz using the hashtag #MCMMoment. You can also post yours on our Facebook page too.

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Images provided by: Kay Ibrahim (Storage Hunters panel image), J-Po cosplay (Cinderella Image and NCIS panel image) and Sarah Tsang (Gillian Anderson Panel image).

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